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לוחמי “חרב” באימון. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Fifty-six years after the first mobilization of the Druze IDF, says Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Abu fares, the sword battalion, Regiment, “the integration of the Druze community in Israel

תאריך: 04/05/2012, 18:43    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The Druze community members indicate the week 56 years to the first regular recruitment The raising of the Druze community stands at about 83%. But both תת-אלופים 10 ACEs and dozens of Druze manning the senior IDF officer also serves as a “sword” battalion Regiment that partisans of the Druze community members only, ensuring the full integration of the structure.

Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Abu fares, Commander of Battalion “sword,” he said referring to the score that “the sword battalion fit the Druze IDF battalion in a Northern orientation, operational training and employment in the North region only. The home protection from getting here. The motto of the Regiment is “the first in line
Lebanon “we have ethical structure we want to always be first achievements”.

During their service have fallen 30 Druze spaces struggle for land protection. The Druze community members took part in the battles and wars since Israel fully kadesh, which participated in the hostile villages which occupied. In the early 2000s the battalion perform his employment in the northern border only, as part of thinking about being home and motivation. The second Lebanon war was the Druze Battalion soldiers first to enter Lebanon and the last to leave.

“Does great with young sword battalion begins in childhood through stories of our parents and our brothers that the majority were in experiences of their lives, years of arduous training and extensive activities that set in the history of the IDF on the operational successes and esprit de corps is certainly unique,” says Capt. Jamil Murad, a company commander in the battalion “sword”. Jamil served about seven years ago, as many of the clergyman. The experience, to be part of the Israel Defense Forces, was particularly special for him. “I was an accomplice to war (the second Lebanon war) in which the lone warrior abilities, strength and professionalism of censuses
And the soldiers brought to operational success deserves “.

Jamil believes in motivation, and some of the integral State Security Committee. “They understand this is an integral part of the life of any Israeli who wants to prosecute young himself, understands that took responsibility for the security of the House win that contributes to us as contributing to the country,” added Murad.

Translated from Hebrew