Maj. b., rebuild, patrol is finished

לוחמי סיירת רימון. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Major b established the Cruiser, which is today the forefront of Givati and southern command. Major: “one day we manage to stand firm and defend the motherland.”

תאריך: 19/08/2012, 14:53    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

After two years on the job, finish the patrol Commander and Kim grenade. During these two established major unit b, understanding the basics
The Cruiser’s operational and brought her to. Replacement, major, comes from a background in service combat battalion of the Givati Brigade reconnaissance and command a unit of Magellan. Especially the week mark anniversary of attack on route 12, a grenade cruiser.

“It’s not every day a new army unit established and I’m glad I got to share in the unit, and is approved as a proud father of his eldest son’s birthday,” said the outgoing Chief of unit commanders Exchange ceremony. “I’ve got a feeling of brotherhood, Zionism, values, ethics, and the power unit. All faith that someday you’ll stand firm grenade unit and to protect the people and the homeland. Over these two years, the soldiers had a wall shape, and any task they were sent there I knew that who to trust, “he added.

Now move the outgoing Commander for two years studying and command and Angers, the outgoing commander said, “quality officer. I’m glad this “labia. The Commander of the Givati Brigade, Colonel Ofer levy, adding that major a is a darling
Givati Brigade as Greece which, excelled throughout the military roles.

“I want to thank you for your confidence and given me a pomegranate unit control etc
Hope you doing well. Created here, only creative initiative, pushing forward without fears and strives for. Impressive to see created here Empire. Sure I saved these features bring to greater heights. Although we will present many challenges, but I have no doubt that we stand with them, “said the Commander of the Unit exchanges.

In addition, in a ceremony attended by the Commander of the Givati Brigade, bent her cruiser. “A little more than two years ago was appointed the Division’s elite unit construction job. The master unit in implementing operational and special in the southern command, with the understanding that the situation in this sector in change. Since then, we have many processes. Thankfully, before our eyes, quickly and steadily, quality unit. Based on unit commanders and fighters in Israel with high quality norms and work performance. Unit
With motivation and outstanding command.

Translated from Hebrew