Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot was promoted to the rank of General

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Just before he takes command of the IDF, was awarded the champion Argov
General ranks. The outgoing Chief of staff, Lt. General Gantz: “I wish you deposit today.
The IDF when strong, powerful and advanced.

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Just before it receives the command of major general Gadi Eisenkot, IDF degrees-a ceremony at the Prime Minister, in the presence of a popular forum.

Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot was promoted to the rank of General

The degrees conferred upon Chief of staff. Photo: IDF

General Binyamin (Benny) Ganz finished the job after 38 years of service.
“Today the last we’il brush pass just on the face of the honor guard,” he said. “This honor guard soldiers and they’ve got a guard and State as budino We have limited supplies to reinforce safety and pride. We continue to experience regional and internal turmoil — but always, even in the eye of the storm, would be soldiers, troops, honor guard and the safety of this nation. Forbidden
We must not forget that no matter where you navigate the ship.

“I got the IDF as a deposit four years ago for processed and preserved,” Lt. General Gantz. “We have created our borders and we prepared for every scenario. Activated
As required, intensity and willingness has proved over and over again as her various scenes shndershno “.

He was referring to outgoing Chief of security challenges. “Fragile and volatile space
Where we live and work, every program that we have implemented, any process that is mature, ‘s the army sentenced today and another decade to change him and activity pattern. In one gun shops Far from a single keystroke, from zero to 100.
Launches for the battle, “Lt. General Gantz. “Therefore, it’s not invested.
The tatzmotheno. If not foretold the future of battle we will fight the wars of the past. “

Lt. General Gantz wrote to Mullen and said that “I, removed clothes you deposit today when he is strong, powerful and advanced. Today, the shtachloff 21st Chief of the State of Israel, across the same honor guard, know that behind a trained and ready army mission. “

Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot was promoted to the rank of General

Argov, Lieutenant General this morning. Photo: IDF

The incoming Chief of staff, General Gadi Eisenkot, came into the job after 37 years of service as a soldier and Commander. “A sense of responsibility I you and gets the right to oversee the IDF General staff,” said Eisenkot. “We are in the midst of tense and full of challenges; The Middle East is changing its face and is characterized by instability. Time challenges require us to act with determination “.

“Only a strong military, and fulfill its purpose to deter an enemy, to keep, to protect and to win. We are responsible to take care of issues in, cultivation, to empower and to preserve human dignity, “said the Chief. “The IDF is people’s army from where it draws its strength.

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