Maj. Gen. Uzi moskovich ‘ Office as Commander of teleprocessing

Moskowitz champion replaces his Ami Shafran champion after five years tenure. Army Chief: “advanced as ours, the ICT capability is a major element in the protection and function”

תאריך: 24/10/2011, 17:38    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Brigadier-General Uzi Moskowitz was appointed today (Monday), head of communication and technology (ICT) and promoted to the rank of major General in a festive ceremony at the Chief of staff Rabin camp in Tel Aviv, the Defense Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak and Chief of staff major general Benny Gantz, Wikipedia
And in the presence of the Forum staff members and families of the officers.

Maj. Gen. Uzi Moskowitz replaced his Ami Shafran champion, having served as head of the ICT Department in the last five years and will retire from the army after 40 years of service.

Mr. Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, Moskowitz and champion asked to thank Sir wing.
The computers out. “I want to say thanks to people from the heart on long service of decades when he was an officer in the Intelligence Department contact force and weapons development administration and infrastructure, also known as the Ministry of Defense. Ozzie, you are entering a very important role, with good background in engineering and in armor systems, “said Minister Burke.

The Defense Minister added that “there is a difference in computing as a result of the scientific accomplishments outside of military systems. The development of the fast system, fast data processing and transfer, in-to be at the front of the line, choosing the right elements for us and creating the common protocols with data books
And, to enable the real time chishories, the increasing need for cooperation, on the one hand of productivity of human activity, of
Work in physical distribution of focal points, and to know and be in the same situation to change deeply the combat management systems and in between the wars.

He noted that the tcshovity capabilities enable “huge productivity to produce military action as soon as it occurs. All these provide a unique role for, and must be deposited in the coming years. This is a very big challenge, and the place to which people brought this system, we expect you to lead her on. Good luck “.

Chief, General Benny Ganz, thanked the outgoing head of ICT on long years of work and said that “I believe that everybody would agree with me that brought professional capability and high technology along with chastity and through value. Thanks a lot for four decades of three wars and countless specials “. The Chief added, saying that “no small extent as ICT manpower Directorate, touching all of us all the time. There is no area in which we feel the force and teleprocessing. In advanced army like this, the ICT capability is a major element in the protection and function “.

Chief congratulated the head of ICT in and said “you get with command experience and engineering education. I believe that you can lead your people the best and highest place. “
Department head, Maj. Gen. Ami
Shafran, said that he “ended today a short period, five years as head of ICT and forty years of service and ofwhat I hope I speak for itself. Ode to the three Chief under served as head of the Division for the trust they gave me this special Department entrusted
In my hands and the action in a long time and so significantly.

Maj. Gen. Uzi moskovich, teleprocessing control, admitted to the Defense Minister and Chief of staff
The confidence in selecting him for the job and said that “for me it’s more thanks than a declaration of intent. I’d like to thank pcodii before, if done well, done their best as well as pcodii. In terms of the statement, I hope to take the Department forward, to channel efforts to correct operations and refine operational processes and priorities.

Translated from Hebrew