Progress towards the female Warriors of RAS barrier and pulled a knife-established. Majestic Warrior neutralize otasochle bombing trial North of Jerusalem: close to 30 this afternoon (Monday) came from sabotaging the RAS, North of Jerusalem. After the suspected fighters instead they called her to stop, but she kept them. The Warriors began to perform the procedure for arresting suspects, including warning shots in the air, but the terrorist continued to advance rapidly towards the warriors and pulled sweets. Jungle fighter shot and defuse it. Her death was determined by medical officials on site.

The north face majestic Jerusalem envelope
“Quick, determined and professional fighters led to the end of an event like this.
And no casualties from our troops. Once we have witnessed
The cops and the fighters are the last defender before civilian and innocent. We will continue to do everything in our power to prevent these terrorist elements to disrupt the routine of life.
Citizens of the State of Israel. “

Translated from Hebrew