Make each: Scouts participate in the detection efforts

גששים בפעילות. מנתחים את המצב ונכנסים לראש האויב. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Through identification of broken or pain point, groping bringing unique information that during the operation brought already significant operational successes, some before you can either compile

תאריך: 19/06/2014, 11:12    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Scout unit, which specializes in finding people through tracks, taking part in the search for three kidnapped boys in Judea and Samaria.
Scouts special techniques that allow them to bring unique knowledge through details that no one
Applicable to them breaking – pain, you move or moved.

Currently is in power the unit, reinforced that works cooperatively with the brigades to live. “All c and company get Tracker, which helps and assists in combing the area. The Scouts know the sector and mentors the commanders “, told IDF probes prime site of the Samaria Brigade, Lieutenant Rémy Falah. “We know the sector and surface. There is no substitute for the sense of a tracker detect suspicious symptoms.

Meanwhile, the Scouts were many operational successes, they can’t be listed at this time. “Sharp probes, stubborn and knows how to track and search,” explained Lieutenant Falah. “The sector, there is mountain trail or blur sector weight to identify where sandy tracks. It’s hard to figure why we refer to any movement of grain and stone
Turning “.

Make each: Scouts participate in the detection efforts

Agricultural background, knowledge of the language and the living with AIDS in bringing information. “Working to find the lead.” Photo: IDF

Also, a brigade in Hebron which centers the search efforts, the Scouts are reinforced and power seeking. “We are working to find difference information lead who can assist and help us,” said probes of the division officer, major Muhammad Abu. “We’re looking for throughout the area, the ïpticcïntent prïíisiïn is on identifying traces and symbols. We have know-how that no other units allowing to find hiding places and be very familiar with.

Scouts are concerned it is important to emphasize that the Warriors are the Bedouins, who have the special skills that result from their lifestyle. “They learn the area especially during herding sheep, following traces of animals,” explained Captain probes school, Lt. Zuheir Falah. “The tracker can operate while the weather changes that affect the land and their main role is to detect traces of explosives, and analyze.

Very important to the Scouts ‘ ability to analyse the situation of ו”להיכנס to the other side. “The enemy is trying to confuse and mislead and he needs to know to understand what’s going on,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Falah. “The Tracker is part of the power in and scanner. Thanks to his background easy for him to understand the task. He knows how to grasp things from Warrior or think
Them at all.

Another advantage of the Scouts is knowledge of the Arabic language, through which they can communicate.
With the Palestinians. “The tracker can ask them questions, but beyond that he knows how to identify suspicious signs and understand if someone tries to blur any signs,” said Lieutenant Colonel Falah. “The Tracker not looking at these things like a warrior,” he added. “They are now in search of marks and surgery, they are looking for a lead and it’s not simple but it is the work of the Scouts.

Translated from Hebrew