Makhoul Ephraim: continue in our mission to protect the settlements in Judea and Samaria

אל”מ כהנא. צילום: מור גל, “במחנה”

Col. ran Kahane commented on the violent events during extreme right activists attacked him and his Deputy said that “despite the insult, I know most disapprove of settlement”

תאריך: 14/12/2011, 18:16    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The Brigade Commander, Col. Ephraim ran Kahana, responded today (Wednesday) to severe violence during extreme right activists broke into hatm Ephraim and damaged IDF officers, including throwing stones towards him and his Deputy.

Meets with the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, which was attended by rabbis and senior public figures from Samaria, said Col. Kahana “despite the insult felt impact.
Me, I know that most of the settlements in Judea and Samaria are excellent people kidding either. Some are even good friends. “

Col. Kahana said that right-wing activists in violence are extreme מ”מיעוט” and that “we will continue our mission to protect the settlements in Judea and Samaria.”

Yesterday the Chief referred to serious events and to attack Ephraim hatm soldiers. “Unfortunately, serious events have occurred,” the Chief said, “these events that occurred in the Jordan Valley and Ephraim Brigade were incited public disturbances and violence.
IDF, protecting people found himself defending him is absurd and unreasonable.
We are convinced that the bodies responsible for the vapors rioters. “

Translated from Hebrew