Makhoul Golani “sure will loachmino each task and challenge.”

Golani Brigade defense cadets completed the 70 kilometer beret, joined the relatives of corporal Tal Segev, Walnut warrior who died following an illness before he could complete the journey with his friends.

תאריך: 31/10/2012, 13:57    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Golani Brigade defense cadets completed last week the traditional beret, in an emotional ceremony in 1999, Colonel Yaniv, and included hundreds of fighters and commanders circulating along with their families.

Colonel, Commander of the Division entered recently, said that “our enemies know that the tradition of Golani is fighting. We are in a period of significant challenges in the duty of the State of Israel. We knew size generation. I’m confident you and chohachm to withstand any and every task in challenge. Dear warriors place, showed courage and may eventually all get home safely. “

Among the fighters who step on 70 km, also Deputy head like Segev, p. except in command, and Lt. Alfredo Segev, operations officer for the battalion, “Rotem” of Givati-brother of cpl. Tal Segev, walnut, training fighter who died last July following an illness and was walking with friends in this journey. The two brothers marched alongside his comrades and his commanders, company that made since the incident to their families.

Chen, the sister of Segev, said that the IDF site “for me to participate.
The obvious. This way I feel like I live my phone, my eyes I see Tal
And is named. Last Saturday I saw dew on a beret and talked here exactly three months since I took the funeral here. To come to the Memorial and heritage, to see his name etched on the wall and that his friends got that Brown beret expected her, me n will always be a memory “.

Sergeant Jason, the company medic who accompanied and treated, said Ms. long moments that led him to maintain close contact with the family. “I remember at the entrance to the hospital the last conversation of Tal was with me. Following that I promised myself that I would be in contact with Tal’s family all my life. As Ben and urine “come with us, I feel I have a chance to return to the family. Everybody lives in company the story of Tal. Thanks to the presence of his family we experience the spirit of Tal and I’m sure everyone feels a certain place there whoever fills, some space, “he says.

Translated from Hebrew