Makhoul paratroopers: “we will continue to pursue terrorism everywhere.”

אל”ם ברעם, צילום: דו”צ

In a ceremony marking 18 years to the double suicide bombing at Beit Lid Junction, which killed 22.
People, including 21 soldiers, Colonel Amir Baram is mentioned in: “the join to a terrible story”

תאריך: 30/01/2013, 08:13    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Last week held a ceremony to mark 18 years to the double suicide bombing at Beit Lid Junction, which killed 22 people, including 21 soldiers. At the ceremony, which was held in the paratroopers, was attended by the Commander of the Corps, Gen. Noam Tibbon, Commander of the paratroopers brigade, Colonel Amir Baram, the paratroopers and the bereaved families.

On Sunday morning, January 22nd 1995, dozens of soldiers at the Beit Lid Junction on their way to various bases, including the main base, the training base of the paratroopers brigade. The soldiers and airmen waiting for basic transportation, when 9 a residence. A suicide bomber dressed in an IDF room between the soldiers and detonate the bomb weighing about 10 kg it carried. At 9:33, while stunned soldiers went to help their wounded, another bomber blew himself up among the wounded, the soldiers and the embryos.
The attack was the first double bombing attack, and the death toll was unbearable stated.
21 soldiers and one civilian lost their lives.

As mentioned above, most soldiers were paratroopers, when half of the 202 class died in the attack. The Division’s Commander, Colonel Amir Baram said at the ceremony in memory of the soldiers “at one moment, you realize the significance of the event happening, and personal shook fell such disaster. To their amazement the facts began to turn slowly one horrible story. ”
Mattis said that many “thoughts, and fetal daily in Beit Lid, I found myself often thinking, not just operational meanings derived from attack but in families, especially in combat, and build you some known personally when we shared years of service in the paratroopers. In addition, said Colonel Baram “them pictures, mirrors and memories were unbearable for me as the driving force and mental fortitude, and lead warriors years later, in fighting against terrorism.”

Meanwhile, Colonel Baram noted that the event was quite bad, devotion of soul,
Heroism, sacrifice and brotherhood of warriors, which are masterpieces. “To have memory that exceeds the limits of private memory, and there significance. Our collective memory as a Division member and people need public stands to mention the price we paid and we pay today to protect the life and character of the State of Israel, “he said.

Mattis said that “whoever seeks the path of terrorism and violence to break our spirits and
Our stance should be to learn the stories of paratroopers and IDF fighters. The ithaka
After the spring from which we draw mental and physical fortitude, to continue the fight and fight as long as it takes. ” Colonel Baram ruled that “not daunted, we will continue to pursue terrorism everywhere, and not spare any effort to ensure life and security to the people and the State of Israel.”

Translated from Hebrew