March for life: bereaved families accompanied the delegation Chief in Poland

Samuel’s father, Nathaniel diamonds killed in Egypt’s border incident, accompanied the delegation Chief in Poland and told about the special relationship that was built to the memory of the Holocaust – the blood stained disk reads ‘ never again ‘

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מחבר: רס”ן צחי בירן, שליחנו בפולין

To the Chief of staff during the רא״ל, Benny Gantz, a parade of life in Poland, invited several bereaved parents who have lost their loved ones during the past year or two. Attach additional emotional charge added to the exciting tour in his own right, in the concentration camps and extermination camps, and the remains of Jewish culture in Poland. Bereaved parents have accompanied the officer’s injuries but also the various officers of the expedition, and especially along the Ribbon to hold them close, to be respected and care
To safety.

Samuel’s father, Nathaniel diamonds killed in border incident in Egypt in September 2012, excited the tour in Poland with the delegation. ״אני feel thanks to the IDF and IDF Chief of staff, who invited me on a journey. I hope it empowers me to be a better person, citizen, parent, educator and retired officer better. “

March for life: bereaved families accompanied the delegation Chief in Poland

Samuel and Nathaniel diamonds z l

On the relation of the son to the late Nathaniel with the Holocaust and memory: my son was born in the Nissan bar mitzvah and made a movie about the Holocaust day. It opens with a shot of Nathaniel looks in a room with pictures of relatives who perished in the Holocaust continues to shoot at the ״יד Museum and finally new photos associated with that miracle is the establishment of the State of Israel. As shntnal, was a warrior of the artillery corps, killed, gave members of the military Rabbinate Shmuel the puck. He says that on the puck, which was bloodstained, Nathaniel bracelet the famous picture of a Jewish child Holocaust never labeled
עוד״, grant and his friends by his commanders to illustrate the importance of service and contribution. ״זה
Symbolizes the life of Nathaniel was very connected to the Holocaust, says Samuel faculty.


March for life: bereaved families accompanied the delegation Chief in Poland

The puck of Nathaniel z l

Samuel was not diamonds far in Poland and almost prevented from going out, but when the invitation to join the expedition Ribbon, felt
Because we cannot refuse. Nathaniel scholarship to explore Poland during his studies and his sister school records to do so soon. There were many moments left impression or seal, like visiting the crematorium at Auschwitz and learning about the humiliation that has been horrible. He said (at the end of March of the living-in) and especially the Chief and said
Leo is very exciting אותי״.

Samuel says diamonds and designer says that contrary to the families of the victims in Europe at least we have grave אליו״ up.


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