March: new shoes will be distributed to soldiers and soldiering

הנעליים החדשות. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Improved model American-made fighters will IDF live from next year. New shoes will also keep soldiering, having to say goodbye to the military asndlim.

תאריך: 16/10/2009, 13:29    
מחבר: נעמה רק

The army is marching on his stomach, but also for shoes: soldiers who joined the brigades lived from November 2010 are expected to accept a new American-made footwear line, which correspond to specific operational needs. The first to receive new shoes will be the live of Defense cadets March 2010, which will take part in the final test which will last until the summer.

The shoes will be assessed based on an American model used by the u.s. army infantry soldiers, but the model has been enhanced and adapted to the needs of the IDF, in the light of the conclusions of a preliminary experiment conducted logistical equipment Department (צי”ל) hat a few months ago. During the experiment the shoe tested by 300 soldiers, some rookies, infantry divisions and units.
The improvements included, for example, the density of the fabric to prevent entrance of spikes and shoe durability in water by coating.

“In the initial experiment tested three different models, but the model will eventually
There will be one new model of “צי”ל, head of Department, Colonel Ziv Gaffney. “The shoe is very similar to an American shoe tested in terms of technology and design but slightly different ingredients. Like today, inopeco shoes in black and Red-Brown, and made them a winning bidder because manufacturing technology that exists in the shoe.

The decision on the new live, explains Mr. stemmed from dissatisfaction
The fighters will live them closed shoes all soldiers today. The new shoe will give an answer to all our problems. “The shoe that is used today, was successful in experiments when developed, but further complaints from the fighters live on the durability, comfort and shape. It is possible that one reason is the desire to wear distinctive shoe for living warriors, which has been several years since soldiers began arriving back to shoes “.

Also renewable Corps

In addition, future Corps is happy to discover that new women shoes model is expected to go into use by the IDF in 2010. Until a few years ago, purchased tailoring
Shoes that are suitable for sampling rules independently of civilian shoes, using money allocated. in 2006, receiving Corps military shoes giosen day, just like the boys. Regarding the current cost model of complaints — both in terms of looks and nohoto and given low and narrow shoes allow
Insert insole, necessary to build the orthopedic problems.

Due to these limitations in the current model, staff work to find new and improved model for
Soldiering in the squadron’s previous initiative, Brig. Gen. Yehudit Lolo, in cooperation with the צי”ל class and אט”ל equipment, individual care and Chief Medical Officer.
Finally found a number of potential models, chosen by the show and wear, elected best model soldiering.

Selected shoes models experiment has already been completed, and the next month will be the provider and the final model, which in 2010 will enter the model to use, and with a few changes: tailoring the new shoe will not be able to choose between two models, but use all one shoe, like bricks, and sandals that were divided for marching legions
Their way out of the army. “While women will no longer be able to wear sandals, but the shoe line that will be good, and more comfortable,” says צי”ל רמ”ח.

Translated from Hebrew