March recruitment is underway: “teens want to be gut.”

צילום ארכיון: נפרדים מהמתגייסים בלשכת גיוס

97% of the units field amshovatim set to one of three initial priorities. Increase in recruiting technical and cyber systems. אכ”א head:” the challenges of growing pains. “

תאריך: 09/03/2013, 20:01    
מחבר: רותם פסו ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Recruiting March 2013 to field units with open recruitment to the Golani Brigade. During the future recruitment to enlist the Israeli girls and boys designed to combat service in the units field, array and supporters to administrative roles. 97% of the units field amshovatim set to one of three initial priorities, and 44.5% of the amtgiisim instruments that sought to serve as fighters. About half of the amtgiisim expressed willingness to serve one
A live divisions.

Head of personnel, Ali love, champion said of the recruitment cycle because “the challenges faced by the IDF, and even in the face of recruitment and placement, and growing pains. The decrease in the number of recruits at any given time, as well as the needs that arise in the Warrior and the technological systems, require us to refer to serve destinations in a manner that ensures the implementation of zoning in the short and long term. “

Head of the personnel and said that “the IDF’s strength lies in serving him.
Therefore we expect amtgiisim to undertake significant roles and challenges, and through them develop, influence and take part in protecting the security of the State. “

Hundreds of new recruits to the Sabre

The unit is continuing to follow the latest trends in recruitment and motivation to the variety of roles that IDF and take action to realize the human resources. ”
Youth want to be visceral, and motivation for fighting continues to be, “said Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Colonel Yossi draft well.

In face of the latest recruitment Yearbook 1994, native and one of the trends identified
Already in the beginning continues in the current draft. “We have detected a growing increase in motivation for air defense, characterized throughout the Yearbook,” testified Lieutenant Colonel. He can be attributed to the formation rate during operation “pillar” and reveal importance of iron dome batteries in the media and in public debate.

March recruitment is underway: “teens want to be gut.”

In the technology arena, we can see that the scope of the technological systems and complexity grows, and as the technical values and cyberspace becoming more momentum. “However, there is a decrease in the alumni class technical and technological as in mathematics,
Physics and computers “, said Lieutenant Commander. Therefore, work in hand with third parties to expand sources of recruitment. Various programs for promoting the sciences in high schools and junior high schools launched, and were switching operations
Study areas as mechanics, electronics. The Sabre, the demand which contains hundreds of the Almanac, recruit in 2012 about 200 men and women to its ranks.

Manipulate level goals, such as armor Corps and Corps are also setting goals. “We send these troops of which ranked them as one of their preferences, and recruitment targets for these units with quality people,” said Lieutenant Colonel. At the same time, expanding the intelligence wing of sorts that maintains high popularity among recruits. The ttzpithnit array, improving conditions, is also recruiting trend. “We have identified significant attrition among ttzpithnit”, said Lieutenant Commander.

In General, one of the main trends in the recent pledge is reinforcing IDF deterrent – air defense, the home front command and reconnaissance roles.

“Extend recruit religious girls.”

Throughout the recruitment process testing in specific population groups, and also indicate improved matching sorting and setting processes. Concerning fundraising, guarantee the best to follow the security guidelines. “We are prepared to do everything that our Euro These days we continue to sort through thousands of previously defined
Under status-his teachings. In combining the Haredim and the netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment we
Continue to step in, with quantitative increase as planned, and these tracks growth plans when needed, “said Lieutenant Colonel.

Among women, the best to maximize their potential and to schedule them to roles
And meaningful. “We see lots of girls to sorts
Fighting fish, Deputy Commander. Also, there is a trend of expanding recruiting religious girls in various tracks, alongside PR moves. “We’re the operations stream State religious education, and create customized recruiting platforms for religious girls,” he added.

Referring to new immigrants arriving to serve in the IDF, in an effort to expedite the screening and scheduling processes. “We continue to receive and give immigrants prioritization during sorting. We appreciate their desire to stroke out on certain positions, and thankfully the motivation is primarily for manufacturing divisions for combat and living “, said Lieutenant Colonel. During last November raised about 300 boys and girls from Sabra nucleus and most of the men came to combat units. Among girls, a demand aimed at mentoring roles (e.g., infantry instructors and armor Corps instructors).

In January, it launched with the best of volunteers, in an effort to increase the number of volunteers and to streamline their care. “We opened a section for faster replies, allow broader inlay options and shorten time of the volunteer recruitment process,” said Lieutenant Commander and added that “the section contains telephone inquiries hotline, and we are up about 35 percent in recruiting volunteers at work year 2012 and recruit for various positions.

Translated from Hebrew