Marking: armor school have already passed 100 guide courses

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Last Thursday indicate armor school guide school several century: counselors teach the best fighters in order to win the battle. On the right the person who btank wins “

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The Yom Kippur war. 30 tank divisions, regiments and battalions 90 and 270 reservists from participating in hostilities. “There were injured and killed many of the fighters and armor commanders, and we had to fill in the rows in front in Sinai and the Golan,” said IDF site conversation Brig. Gen. (Res.) Uzi to harvest, a period Commandant
Armor school. “We realized we could fill some tank brigades with armored guides and instructors recruited counselors armor,” and revealed the launch of one of the
The intended desirable soldiering tailoring.

Marking: armor school have already passed 100 guide courses

“At that time was a school course of vigilance about armor, and as a result of his success and the capabilities to guide and train contact fighters, brought the vision to carry out an experimental training course instructors in 50 tanks of tank driver, load, and gunner”, Brigadier General (Ret.) to harvest. “The first course held was very successful, and the IDF elite visited the school and immediately realized and in the ability and motivation of soldiering to be ‘ piiteries ‘,” added Brigadier General (Ret.) to harvest.

At the same time, was also the qualification aspect of operational during combat. “The training guide
Made to release personnel who man tanks operational battalions forward lines.
The counselors felt they were part of the war effort-a vision come true and extraordinary challenge, “he recalled.

Since it’s been first class about 35 years ago, and last week mentioned in the end of the 100th class. In a ceremony held in the Museum were blteron armor armor all instructors courses, mentioned in days, and some are far less, it served as a guide.

Today, the course lasts about four months ahead, they undergo basic Rifleman 02.
During the course they passed outlines trends examiner-gunner, driver, load, or contact the IDF site Commander armor school today, Lt. Col. Ronen. “In the last year conducted a change in course, and outlines the trends early, as the process was shortened to eight months,” he explained.

“These girls that affect armor training in the basic training course for officers, Board
He claimed. “No you can’t fulfill Guide. There is no doubt that this is the best girls. He said counselors are those who train the btank forever.
“Thanks to the vigilance of the armor, if yah Hebrew pioneer woman should know that their fate in the hands of commanders and deserving” instructors, to paraphrase the consignment.

A cell (RES) to watch the harvest heritage continues already 100 courses, he feels that his vision was realized. “It was the first guide course, and no doubt it also paved the way for fighters, pilots and navigation,” he said. “This is an extraordinary breakthrough that created equality between women and men,” he said. These days, 35 years later
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) to harvest a year just waiting to have a granddaughter in age-appropriate, you could be a tour guide.

Translated from Hebrew