Massive troop of C4I Corps practice from Mount Hermon to Eilat

The ICT joint practice escalation scenarios in all sectors, to examine its ability to continuously functional under fire. “We are the carrier of information,” said the battalion commander

תאריך: 26/07/2013, 16:00    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

When the IDF’s forces go to battle or operation, any activity on the ground, they must be prepared in every possible way – to ensure the integrity of the weapons, to be fitter required and the sector in which they are going to operate. In addition, they must be equipped with a means of contact, to transfer and receive information in all media. Here comes in strong Regiment – the ICT Joint Chiefs, the breastplate.

While Israeli fighters loyal troops on one specific sector at any given time, strong battalion deployed regularly from Mount Hermon to Eilat – a single battalion with such broad deployment procedure. “There’s a metaphor that I like to use it in the context of the activities of
The regiment – we are the carrier of information, the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Yossi.
“As the national lead comes from the sea of Galilee, through core facilities across the country.
To the tap at home – with. Through the pipes that connect to more than 500 radio sites scattered throughout the country and per unit in the IDF,
As the water valve. The Regiment is responsible for delivering information in all media channels, expanding the IDF’s movie, some systems and classified contracts, all designed to connect the surface to the bottom.

In the past week came one of large-scale exercise battalions that Dima’s status.
“As with any exercise, this time we took teams to the field to test the integrity of the systems and to train soldiers in the platoon,” explains Meg Regiment is divided into four companies, including spatial mobile teams, which consist of drivers and communication technicians, who are usually years of electronics communication technician course, 4 months and 4 months overlap in the various battalions. “Overall they are two years and eight months of training. Are our pilots, the Majles.

The technicians in the field responsible for the maintenance of hundreds of facilities throughout the country, and if necessary can perform layout of any given area media to connect the warring forces to the various systems. “Although there are Systems Division can handle
Remote communications problems, but they don’t know how to replace a technician in the field — that can attack from a distance can’t change חי”רניק,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Yossi.

Although the soldiers are not חי”רניקים, but the metaphor of the battalion commander not far away.
From reality – over the years, the battalion found itself in the heart of the operational activities of the IDF. “no military operation the division level and above does not require that our intervention. The pillar were really on the front, the battalion commander. “We stood on a hill near the Gaza Strip, of the paratroopers settled near us and we had to connect them to the transmission. We had no permission to approach at first because there were warnings about snipers. I’ve been there, one of the company commanders and platoon. Everyone was completely operational, dressed in body armour and helmets, also under threat of sniper fire, nobody messed up. Was pride, “says Lieutenant Colonel Yossi.

So how do you maintain operational level of non-combatants? According to John strong, is practicing. In the past two years has תרג”דים and 133 battalion (plugatis Regiment exercises and drills, respectively), which exercised and emergencies. “Six months ago practiced an emergency which included three days without sleep, and missile hits, link sites crash, wounded soldiers, reserve company commander of
The Regiment, Captain (Res.) Eitan. The reserve battalions attached to the battalion and in times of emergency, and provide regular troops to remain on the ground as they give
Replying to the battalion headquarters.

“The involvement of technology in our lives just going up, and our dependence on it.
That’s our responsibility as the only battalion C4I increases with the years, “says Captain (Res.) Eitan.

Translated from Hebrew