Medical Corps will provide vaccinations to soldiers and officers in the IDF

This revealed the Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis. Referring to a budget medical corps, said: “the challenge is to match the characteristics of the health service-and to the budget.”

תאריך: 24/11/2011, 22:37    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis, participated today (Thursday) 5th Health Conference that the Ariel University Center of Samaria, which dealt with the Israeli position regarding the public health system against.

Referring to this issue, “said קרפ”ר medical corps is the IDF soldiers Memorial Hospital, unlike other health systems, the IDF is responsible for oascio health. “Military service is not good for health, and provided military service create health risks and health problems. We need to look at the soldier’s service environment and ensure its full health by adjusting various features of the service – whether combat or back “.

Brig. Gen. Kreis said the Chief Medical Officer is committed to providing health care services not falling, at least, from the health of the residents of the State can be. “I set it for reasons of equality and realization of health soldier,” explained Brig. Gen. Kreis.
He added that beyond that, he has to respond to the medical and military authorities to allocate the budget required to implement his responsibility. “Is it possible to give less from State health? We think not. A soldier should receive services according to his environment and his character. Naturally, the soldiers don’t have access and availability
The law allows citizens and have a choice “, said Brig. Gen. Kreis.

קרפ”ר stressed that the duty of medical corps is to match what the soldier receives and what it needs.” “The challenge is to match the characteristics of the health service and the soldier to the budget”. Brig. Gen. Kreis explained to IDF website that medical corps “have advanced management processes, quality control, investment in education and medical teams-control to allow this.

There is currently an emphasis on medical force health promotion and prevention. “We extend the vaccines. primarily due to health concerns, but also from experience.
Prevent loss of work days, “said Brig. Gen. Kreis.

Translated from Hebrew