Medical first index will appreciate the level of health set

אליפות צה”ל למפקדים. צילון ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The index was launched as part of the month. For the next two weeks will test the average to. אט”ל:” head to a central place in Israel

תאריך: 10/07/2013, 15:39    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב ורותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

חודש הכושר והבריאות

Within IDF officers Championship, which
Was the opening shot for the month, launched a special index that reflects
Health of soldiers, according to various parameters. “It’s a quantitative metric that means to determine what his health. This is the development of medical corps, there is unmatched in the country.
And in the world “, told IDF website control central medical services (Minister), Colonel Dr
Salman Zarka.

אט”ל head, Gen. Kobi Barak said IDF website that” we are trying to improve the situation and to fit anywhere in the chat and the IDF.

The new measure, known as “lightning” metric, translated to score ranging from 0 to 100, and is subject to five parameters: amount of physical activity (reflected in the published score army), BMI, blood pressure mode (and balanced), the amount of blood cholesterol and awareness of human health (expressed in periodic testing center to the IDF, for example).
“Thankfully, there next to officers whose condition requires improvement, many have high data which indicates that awareness and personal responsibility for health”, said the Chief Minister.

The tests that are required to perform the index freely IDF commanders by Championship
Doctors and nurses who came to the scene, and optimistic about advancing slowly and handicrafts.
“The next two weeks spread to the IDF the average bolt of index server.
Led by commanders and even the Chief himself, an example with his measure, we can promote the theme, “said Colonel Dr. Zarka and added that” health is a basic tool
And the chshirotho of each organization and in detail.

Healthy Cookbook first צה”לי

Colonel AVI sarel, Chief (MCM) food, told IDF site on the new items introduced to IDF lines and migrated to the kitchens. “We put more whole grains, low-fat milk products and reduced the items that were less healthy. Also, we added raw meat at the expense of processed meat, “explained Colonel Harel.
Procurement plan of the food centre is in conjunction with the Chief dietitian, medical officer and led the amount of reduction in oil savings of hundreds of thousands of shekels.
“The differences in money we consume healthier products,” said m.

At the same time, are healthy cooking training of cooks in the army’s training
Logistics Corps (6th).  According to the Commander of the Centre implementing the healthy food at all.
IDF bases is possible. “We had dinner at IDF commanders was healthy, delicious, and cheap catering significant commissioned last year”, said Colonel Harel
Adding that “we did this 30 kitchen managers GoC army headquarters, to show that it’s possible.”
Even the commanders who take on the most important issue. “There is great support among the commanders to go on this, despite the inherent challenge,” said m.

At the same time, launched a slow down healthy Cookbook the first army, under section nutrition Chief Logistics Officer (CA). Written by soldiers, ngidam and various officers of military units and edited by רמ”ד nutrition, major fun Edri. The book provides the tools and principles of healthy cooking according to the logistics officer education
And prepare the kitchens in healthy cooking, “said Maj. Edri to the site.

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