Memorial room to the Haredi battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion” was inaugurated in Regiment

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The Memorial room was set up with the assistance of the Organization friends of the IDF, and the station.
Inseparable at training. The Battalion Commander: “don’t forget who contributes to and sacrifice for her.”

תאריך: 08/07/2013, 13:02    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

נצח יהודה

The Memorial room and the regiment’s heritage opened this week in the netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment about the Dothan. The room combines the two martyrs battalion won netzah Yehuda battalion, Sgt. Assaf Sharon and Staff Sgt. Roy Prejean, along with history of the regiment and battle heritage. “On the walls of the room you can see the personal stories of the two martyrs battalion, along with all the history of the regiment from its inception,” said Majid netzah Yehuda battalion, Lt.-Col.
Telem Cantor. “We also room computer that contains information about all the activities and operations of the battalion participated in them, as well as all of the articles written about the Regiment,” he added.

The Memorial room and heritage, which was established by the soldiers of the battalion and helping organize my friend in USA, is valuable for educational and professional fighters win. “I cared to move the soldiers don’t forget who contributes to and sacrifice for her,” explained. “is located right in the Centre of the laughing stock, so the Headquarters see
It however, and come next, pass the Memorial room before the troop described Lieutenant Colonel Cantor Memorial room location and its meaning.

Memorial room to the Haredi battalion “netzah Yehuda battalion” was inaugurated in Regiment

Commanders and soldiers training in education will also be in the Memorial room. “I try every commemorative action will also add value for the soldiers Memorial room and the added value is the moral and professional soldiers can get,” said.

The story is told that spaces in the Memorial room are Sgt. Roy Prejean, who was killed in clashes with terrorists in 2006 and Staff Sgt. Assaf Sharon, who was killed during his military service.
This year open tradition to netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment themselves, starting the race in brigades, which took place in January this year. “We run 55 miles long brigades, next to the Kfir Brigade monument that we name bapola” ceremony, said the battalion commander. “Bereaved families arrive for the ceremonies and practically from. They had a part in the process of establishing the Memorial room, shared with us their personal stories of the fallen, “concluded.


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