Thousands of police officers are waiting for the spree in Miron. Information hotline will be opened to the public at 500-700 police 679
Israel completed the preparedness for the spree in Meron on lag baomer afterprom
Starting Wednesday and Thursday 25-26.05.16. In the staging area.
Participating event search-and-rescue bodies such as Sci-Fi, shutdown and rescue etc.

On sale
Take thousands of police officers and border guard fighters and run all the technological means at its disposal
Israel police authority in order to maintain order and ensure the safety of visitors. The
The operation in the bowl and over all police forces will lead the Northern District Commander of assistance
The head of the movement of traffic in charge of all aspects of operation and sensitive.

Coordinating the event to the public and the police are done through the Center for sacred places of Ministry of religious services and involved ministries and other bodies.

Public information center at 700-500-679

The event will open to the public information centre that meets at a variety of topics. The focus will be
Open 24 hours a day starting Tuesday, the 24.5.16 3:00 p.m. to Thursday-00 26.5.16. In addition, you will be able to contact the Israel police information number 110.

The staging area.

In step
The first, which began as early as last Sunday (15.05), the Israel Police were posted near the bowl.
In order to maintain order in the complex for the event.

In step
And the operation began on Wednesday evening, lag baomer (25.5) at 7:00 a.m.
And will end on Thursday at midnight, will the compound in Miron hundreds visitors! Over.
4,500 policemen and fighters deployed at any axes of motion to Miron, in peripheral security
And throughout the complex.

Upon termination
The celebration will begin the third stage which left the compound in order to restore the place.

As each
Year, having gone around on preset times. The event opened with the first of early Hasidism
On Wednesday, at 8:30 and ends at the light of day, history of Hasidism
Thursdays at 19:00.


The roads
The following are blocked to private traffic from Wednesday, Apr. 7 to 25.5.16
Friday, 7:00 27.5.16 date:
866 – from hanania to Yaron
89 – Hiram junction elifelet interchange, both ways.
886 – Dalton junction to olive eye square
8900 – forest junction to olive eye square shot.
The exit
Highway 89 from Safed. Entrance or exit Road will be overrun
8900, Safed-only direction

On the public.
Road users should be aware that depending on the need, during the celebration and focus on Wednesday,
The feasibility of the following blocking as needed: road
65 the tsalmon towards QADRI o and
85 from Rama amiad junction, both ways.

Traffic and transport

As part of
Extracting lessons from previous years and for ensuring the safety of road users and to the tomb of Rabbi
Shimon bar Yochai, it was decided that the new year celebration is allowed solely by public transport
And regulated.

Public transport throughout the country and leading to the North and Miron, ithogbero significantly.
In order to enable the party to arrive comfortably and safely to the compound itself. Drop off and pickup of celebrating coming
Public transport will rely largely on site terminals are regulated. The drive
Public transportation will bring the party to the Bowl safely, quickly and with maximum comfort. For passengers
Public transport arranged hangouts on route 6 and brings together 90, block

Also this year.
Will mark the parking lots and pedestrian routes leading to different colors in a way that corresponds to the color
Travel card, in order to facilitate celebrating on arrival and departure. At the end of
The Bowl when exiting the site devoted to pedestrian for matching in color, lighting and flags.

My husband.
Limited handicapped certificate only will walk to the parking lot “Canaan”, the name of node
Will driving “helped out” until the Tomb or the garage the delusional way.
Elifelet interchange.

Time during the revelry is strictly celebrate March on roads leading to the site for fear of risk.
Their lives. No parking of private vehicles will be allowed on the road. Vehicles which are illegally parked is regulated,

You won’t be able to
Getting to the bowl and nearby private vehicles throughout the main stage of the event.

Living near the Meron will be allowed to travel through the barriers to private vehicles, displaying a certificate
Identify stating residence. Given the changes in the traffic arrangements required attention.
Attention drivers and guidance signs the signs by the side of the road.

Drivers are asked to be patient and to follow the instructions and guidelines.

Translated from Hebrew