Military medics and 669 saved the life of a Palestinian in the heart of Nablus

צילום: דובר צה”ל

In a special event, which didn’t happen in the last decade, the forces entered the city to submit to Palestinian medical care which very seriously wounded by gunfire when settlers

תאריך: 24/02/2013, 14:13    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

During the disorderly qusra village was shot in the stomach last night (Saturday) and wounded Palestinian critically. which then transferred directly to hospital treatment “Rafidya” in Nablus. Today in the morning, after not improving the condition of the wounded, treating of the hospital by a medical officer of the Judea and Samaria Division, from Israeli Hadassah hospital and paramedic of the search and rescue unit 669 and as unique and complex rescue operation in צה”לי helicopter to Hadassah hospital for treatment.

“Last night at the afternoon participated in Holy fire line area and the village qusra, venora as we understand today by Jewish citizens stomach, told IDF site’s medical officer, Lt. Col. Dr. f. outright Division. “From there he headed by the Red Crescent to Rafidya, which came in a very difficult situation, with low blood pressure and shock. When the ICU before by Palestinian medics several ambulatory, but today he continued not to be stable “.

The KARP added that “today in the morning, we received a referral hospital in Nablus to deliver
The wounded to Israel for the sake of getting better treatment, “said Dr to transfer injured to an Israeli hospital treatment required his evacuation by Palestinians to the checkpoint, where a waiting ambulance and transferred directly to the hospital. But in the current case, according to Lt. Col. Dr. p, things looked different.

“After we have all the details about his condition, we understand that if the casualty is moved
The checkpoint, there’s no guarantee that it would reach him in life. Therefore planned a unique program, which included my entry in, Dr. Alex Shamir, ICU doctor Hadassah and me a paramedic unit 669 “, specify three crepe team members entered as stipulated in the town, accompanied by troops of the Palestinian security forces, and came quickly to the hospital, where he treated the wounded for about an hour, during which they were able to stabilize his condition by medication and supplement an innovative equipment was missing from the hospital. From there, along with teammates injured in a Red Crescent ambulance to חטמ”ר, where waiting for a helicopter landing pad” system inside the ICU, and within fifteen minutes came to Hadassah school directly into intensive care. “We came to Hadassah hospital, when the Palestinian people is much better than before, when
His blood pressure went up and down, however he is still in danger, “said Lieutenant Colonel Dr. f.

According to Karp, an event of such magnitude is considered unique, which didn’t happen in the last decade. “Entered into Nablus only after consulting with the Division Commander, Brigade Commander and Palestinian Governor of Nablus, who gave a guarantee of personal safety. In retrospect, don’t have any threat level was around security of Palestinian police ring throughout the event, and when we came out with the ambulance was the crowd of Palestinians clapping on treatment, “said Lieutenant Colonel Dr. f. The KARP noted that “the only chance for him to live if we had the rescue operation. At rafidiya hospital lack abilities, equipment and Manpower, unlike in the hospital and when we got there and we were able to stabilize the condition of time, the medical team was gaping.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Dr. p. noted that currently, one third of which perform medical teams are treating outright Palestinian Division, and communicate well with the medical teams. “We are many transfers of wounded Palestinians, whether from accidents or heart attacks into Israel”, he said. In months that have passed since operation “pillar” was an increase in the number of disturbances and demonstrations in Judea and Samaria,
And the number of patients has risen. However, Lt. Col. Dr. p. noted that “to save lives of the Palestinian people is very significant for us, and what it does to the sector.

Translated from Hebrew