Military police defeat “terror attacks” health through the crossings

The battalions of military police passages seem to thwart criminal factors attempts recently, smugglers from the Palestinian Authority and eggs stored in sanitary conditions, can lead to disaster and details of health.

תאריך: 28/08/2012, 13:25    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The battalion of crossings Erez military police are dealing with a new phenomenon within the criminal activity that occurs in the Jerusalem envelope – smuggling attempts
Of meat and eggs may cause snitari ל”פיגוע”.

Most criminal activity occurs in the eaves, barriers such as checkpoint Hizma 443 and block tunnels. “We encounter in criminal activity through the checkpoints and the Palestinians found new and creative ways,” specify “packed,” Lt. Col. Yuval sheinkin.

The smuggling operations of various kinds are known to the crossings Erez battalion fighters “, but it is
New phenomenon encountered. Palestinian smugglers trying to smuggle tons of meat and eggs, pigolim saved without supervision and observation. A week ago, caught shbamtste truck 1,000 egg cartons intended for smuggling out of Judea and Samaria into
Areas of Israel, in order to trade them.

“Those eggs were left unsupervised and runaway pig could become health attack,” explained Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. The battalion officials in battle are not individual, but in organizing activities of smugglers. “An individual can sneak a few templates, but smuggling attempts are made in large quantities. In addition, the vehicles used for smuggling are fitted in duplicate parts, such as double double floor and in an attempt to disguise the operation. These facts indicate an
Network of smugglers, not to the activities of independent person, “said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

Another criminal phenomenon that points a “packed”, she attempts to transport gas balloons containing gas for cooking. “Cheaper gas to fill in Judea and Samaria or to get balloons. Gas balloons designed for smuggling not placed under supervision and attached them with character
And so the big risk. If such smuggling will succeed – they may explode and caused extensive damage, “explained Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

Criminal activity, trying to move products that you can trade in which Judea and Samaria to Israel, could evolve into a hostile terrorist activity toward citizens of the State of
Israel. “The criminal smuggling axis is the axis up platform (hostile terrorist activity – Dr. r.c.) and learned that in the past,” said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. Therefore, the importance of combating criminal smuggling, LoJack and foremost sicholan. “Today, smuggling goods and cargo away or terrorists, and everything related to the level of motivation. When they are motivated, they know how to use these platforms. Therefore, we are careful to fight it daily “, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

Translated from Hebrew