Military police examine prison: 4 and 6 detention centers base

שוטרים צבאיים בכלא 6. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In considering the establishment of a Union prison in the past to wipe out the assumption that the establishment will savings and efficiency

תאריך: 28/03/2012, 16:19    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

At the same time to move to the Negev, including inter alia the construction of the city and providing incentives, and grants to support skins and officers, military police are also considering possible modifications of the bases. From the beginning of the year the manpower Directorate and military police to test merging the currently existing prison – prison four in tzrifin and atlit, 6 Union constructed prisons elsewhere in the country.

The plan articulated in official documents of the manpower Directorate, including the evacuation of the detention and transfer of detainees to jail Union. The IDF estimated that construction of the new prison based rather on strengthening basic infrastructure within the prison. In addition, the Union will need to reduce the IDF basic layout and save costs following the administrative and operational overhead reduced. During the construction of the base
This prison is tested matching chliati response to the required standards.

Meanwhile, considering the personnel section of the jail near campus,
This organizational efficiency and reduce the time gap between the arrest, trial and the transfer of the prisoner to a basic block. According to senior police officials, the preferred location for this central prison is in the area of Beit Nehemia (Beit Nabala), where established but recently the guard room of אט”ל, built to accommodate about 24 oz. Unit tried to punishments of up to 28 days.

These days are the certifying process against project planning Directorate, and is the source of Aishah which will allow the establishment of the Union prison close to campus and moving the prisoners to a place to be determined.

Translated from Hebrew