Military police seized 60,000 dollars boosted the “checkpoint”

During routine checks that the value “enclosure” battalion of the military police, the opponent of minorities. The source of the money is unknown at this point.

תאריך: 22/08/2011, 18:14    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן

During routine checks conducted last troop soldiers police box
The military seized yesterday (Sunday) $ 160,000 in lost his temper of minorities. Ben arrived minorities, to block the tunnel in “Bethlehem, manned by Erez battalion”. After you reach the path control, the owner of the vehicle in front of the pawn and awaiting completion of the inspection. While the soldier questioning the owner of the car, he noticed a bag in one of the moshvii and in it found.

This is the highest amount ever encountered as part of my job, or heard was smuggled in, “explains to IDF website Lieutenant Elon Cmdr. j. layer to the” helpful for comparison: $ 5,000 is particularly high amount and even such numbers we
Normally. ” According to Deputy battalion level used to experience different kinds of smuggling, usually some arms, fuel or food products, and Dan rather all about money, usually very low.

When asked about the minorities old money bag, answer that because he owns $ 100,000.
The thing is tested by the Commander of the checkpoint, and then found that the bag was $ 60,000 in cash. Right now, the bag holder is in Israel Police investigation, and the money is

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