“Mind is the stronghold mpersino”

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Makhoul Etzion, Colonel Amit, years of agreement today over the Division || “The unity of the envelope and embrace who received powers during operation return, the brothers were a vest for us.”

תאריך: 30/08/2015, 19:40    
מחבר: אל”ם עמית ימין


Today concludes two years of command of the Brigade “Etzion”. Years not save us, we had to face challenges together, combined arms.

More than a year has passed since the abduction and murder of boys age-gate, Naftali frenkiel fagr event and scholarship that went wide in the fourth to Judea and Samaria–אחים״ return. Many okapzzo forces to sector and getting the boys and made a significant impact on the infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hamas. At the end of the search effort, we could get back to the current security-and already the fourth operation ״צוק איתן״ went to restoring peace to the South. The operation brought tension also in Judea and Samaria.

“Mind is the stronghold mpersino”

And Colonel Rachel Frenkel. Photo: IDF

Even today, the fourth cut the Etzion forces tirelessly to fight terrorism, to enable normal life for all inhabitants of the region and to maintain the stability of the security situation
In sector. I trust you to Etzion Brigade continue to thwart terrorism at every level and describe, as continuously operating under my command.

I would like to thank all involved in work on meaningful, challenging period and teaches in this unique region, which won control. Gush Etzion residents important for me to know.
That humble and brave amidtchm given all the challenges, and the insistence to continue with normal life affords both real victory against terrorism; Note that the strength in the rear is the guarantee of victory in the battlefield, and know that our soldiers stand on guard and do as
They can maintain security.

Now, I passed the torch to eagerly crew replacements.


Colonel the right colleague.
Makhoul Etzion dating

Translated from Hebrew