Minister of Defense and Chief of patrol the blue line: “get involved if our interests will be harmed.”

השר יעלון ורא”ל גנץ, היום. צילום: אריאל חרמוני, משרד הביטחון

Minister of Defense and Chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon Gantz tour in the Golan Heights and receiving updates from commanders in the field. Minister Ya’alon stressed that “the IDF works to maintain
And to enable security for residents. “

תאריך: 02/04/2013, 19:24    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The Minister of Defense, Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, toured this morning (Tuesday) in the Golan Heights where he received overviews and updates from Ribbon, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Commander of central command
The North, Gen. Yair Golan, the Commander, Brig. Gen. Tamir Hayman levy and the Faculty and the officers. Defense Minister toured outposts and sector overviews of brigade commanders.

Minister of Defense and Chief of patrol the blue line: “get involved if our interests will be harmed.”

“The border is bloody civil war two years with tens of thousands of dead, and the last time thousands a month, but we will not intervene as long as it doesn’t hurt our interests,” said Minister Ya’alon, hurting our interests, whether it’s shooting or grads across the border, whether it’s intentional or not intentional to trusted, we respond to immobilize the shooting as happened last week. “

The Defense Minister also said that Israel’s interest is by leaking weapons to terrorist organizations. “Against this we worked and we will act to prevent such measures leakage to irresponsible elements,” noted Minister Ya’alon, who noted that the IDF and that “silent running
Here to keep quiet, so that citizens can continue to live and develop, and travellers, as there were at the last Passover and I hope there will also be in the next few weeks in the spring or summer, come explore here in droves and enjoy beautiful views here in the Golan Heights.

“Here and the Lebanon border, and the IDF name acts to be silence and allow residents to live properly and citizens to travel and enjoy the views, the Defense Minister said.

Translated from Hebrew