Minister of Defense and Chief of the recognitions to outstanding officers and NCOs.

צילום: לינוי אליחי, משרד הביטחון

In the traditional ceremony awarded recognitions this year to 29 outstanding officers and NCOs of all IDF units, “the army you selected represents all the virtues in Israel

תאריך: 09/10/2011, 21:44    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן, אתר צה”ל

The IDF says thank you: tonight (Sunday) was held in Tel Aviv campus ceremony awarding recognitions to outstanding officers and NCOs. The ceremony, held to mark the new Hebrew year, held in the presence of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Chief of the General staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, and head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love. The Honorable status awarded to reach 29.
Officers and NCOs of the army units, which 3 women. Students who Excel and carefully selected by commanders, permanent personnel who saw fit to make an impact in the past year across the definition of a function, as those who have proven themselves above expectations and assertions and discovered an extraordinary initiative.

“One day after Yom Kippur, a day of reckoning, we have this special event, open to the Defense Minister. “The people here have done more than they needed without asking and without asking what it will receive in return. Are you a day on support for State security, on the nkttam initiative and partner force, “the Defense Minister said,” I looked at you and saw the beautiful Israel. Each of you represents the values we need in this country than – excellence, initiative, courage, determination. You example of IDF commanders.

The Minister made sure to emphasize the importance of a small group of students, to light
Of complex security scenarios in the State of Israel. “The IDF’s achievements last year teaching on who to trust,” said “the fact that Israeli always set and always has a lot to do and complete, like you know never to satisfactory place, this fact is essential to the continued existence of the IDF.

Honor thy Chief saying that he “looks at them and sees a special team that represents many virtues in the bone coming here, it proves to me that you understand the importance and greatness of the task in the best possible way. All of you, each and every one of you, contribute to the safety of citizens of the State of Israel and I’m sure you’ll continue to lead us forward.

Note that “the army and the support, it is likely you didn’t reach a respectable status. These recognitions are given to boys and girls, and their families alike. The Chief added that they “contribute to excellence in particular the continuous effort to ensure the safety of the State of Israel and its people.”

“This is first and foremost a great honor to stand here as one of the officers selected to receive this award” certificate, be sure to clarify major, outstanding pedigree analysis, “in army service was not done out of obligation, but out of choice and mission. To be a commander in the army, you have to keep your eyes off the common good and, see the threats and obstacles on the way to recognize them and be able to lead through the crisis “. He said, and the initiative was not a one-time event expected in recognition, this is a way to choose which controls to go: “we undertake to apply throughout the service.

List of all outstanding

Northern command:

Major opens sibony
Senior Sergeant Haim Ben-Shimon
Senior Sergeant Ali roimy
Central command:
Major Javier fawale Ajibola
Sergeant major from.

GoC army headquarters:

Major Avery
Rabbi Hillel on zgavenkar.

Air force:

Major pine
Gilad Malka.
Senior Sergeant itzchak thousands
Senior Sergeant Isaac azulay
Senior Sergeant Ben Baron.
Senior Sergeant Amit odis
First Sergeant Yaniv

Southern command:

Sergeant Joseph Kishore

C4I Corps:

Maj. Ilan gave
First Sergeant collected works

Major Roy
First Sergeant Eran Cohen

Intelligence Corps:
Major Gil
First Sergeant Justin

Technological and Logistics Directorate:

Anna liaachov.
Senior Sergeant father Shushan

Headquarters on zroiyut:

Amber Afek.

Front command:

Major Shlomi Ben-Yair

Personnel department:

Major ulii
Sergeant Alexander Frechette

Translated from Hebrew