Minister of Defense: the IDF standing-amsovchim challenges that stood in our way.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, sent letter to soldiers for the coming new year. “Faced with a wide range of tasks and challenges and showed readiness indefinitely.
And removed the incomparable “

תאריך: 26/09/2011, 15:40    
מחבר: שר הביטחון, אהוד ברק

On the occasion of the new year, I wish to congratulate each and every one of you, soldiers and members of the reserve troops, happy new year, peace and security.

Newly in 2010 is over, stood in a wide variety of tasks and challenges and showed great professional execution, motivated, borderless and says.

In these days when the Middle East changes and policy developments are unfolding to opened, Israel faces political challenges and security amsovchim that stood in our way. All are required to take and deal with any political development
Military or social security.

The IDF military-as always-to arms, right to any challenge if placed in us. As a trustworthy realists and ochnotchm-izzoachs also prove this coming year there like you to respond to challenges.

Us the destination all married in the State of Israel wants him on peace and security. The Minister in charge of security for the citizens of Israel I Zahal says we have
Who to trust. May to next new year held his post: “Lord, give him boldly bless his people with peace.”

Translated from Hebrew