Miskolc admor first visited the Israel Defense Forces and is designed with the revch

צילום: דובר צה”ל

In the joint meeting, said Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz of the religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews serve in the IDF, while saving lives on the left

תאריך: 14/06/2012, 11:18    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

As part of efforts to implement the national mission of Haredim pestilence hosted yesterday (Wednesday), Chief Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz. The Rebbe’s former career in Miskolc.

This unique visit, spoke of Miskolc admor revch with him on terms of recruitment,
The religious conditions and enabling the preservation of religious life. Among other things, the Rebbe theoretical lesson in Tractate Shabbat hundreds of religious and Haredi soldiers serving the campus.

Brig. Gen. Rabbi Peretz discussed various services visit them military Rabbinate gives those who wish to maintain a religious life in the army, is a specification for a training value allows for a soldier, and a soldier to eat any kitchen צה”לי in peace without any concerns about the quality of the training.

Another conversation revch noted that “when the army engaged in Greece held the sovereignty of this nation, protecting our soul and connected and therefore the roots connection is
IDF and natural everywhere happy army meets Jewish roots.  Explained Brig. Gen. Rav. Additionally, noted that “we are part of the army with great people.”
In conversation
The multi-purpose (Orthodox mix), the integration of Haredim, Maj. Samson
Klein. Miskolc the admor of Haredim in combination and defined them “landlords” strength. Later in the conversation, told revch that boy sitting alone shall not in turn come to consult him about recruiting. “Now I know they get good hands, asserted the Rebbe from Miskolc. In addition, the Rebbe stressed that ” made a lot of unique program that, since the ultra-Orthodox will worsen. “
Emerging from the meeting said the Rebbe that rests upon a large task to break the big public appearance.

Translated from Hebrew