Moderate in raising religious army girls

חיילות דתיות בצה”ל

More than 1,000 public of international religious conference attended, which provide a variety of service options with the left. Top אכ”א:
“Without women, the IDF wasn’t going on missions”

תאריך: 23/11/2011, 15:05    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן, אתר צה”ל

To join or not to join? The familiar question, stands in the religious sector in Israel. The end of the middle frame, and with many questions unanswered. So many religious girls, equipped with many people, and good will, find themselves renounce IDF service experience if only due to lack of information.

To do so, “religious House” of “best value” is the third time the Conference believed to build the religious, held last week and the presence of more than 1,000
Girls. The IDF indicate with satisfaction that a significant increase in religious girls.

“I am very happy and proud of the impressive presence you present here today, head of personnel, Gen. Ali love her,” the IDF finds every year tens and hundreds of women, successful women to combine faith and significant service, “stated Mayor אכ”א I know that is not always easy. I got married at age 19 during the service’s duty was challenging but not impossible “.

Love Champ noted that “it is no secret that women are today a major force in the IDF, in the neck and fighting positions. I’m here to determine that without women, the IDF wasn’t going on missions. The number of religious women in the IDF on the rise and unfortunately many still choose not to join, and I follow with concern their numbers, hopefully they won’t come up. “

“We’re aware of, much commitment imposed upon you”, אכ”א,” head and we have an obligation as to allow lpichn to uphold religious life. I
Call to make another step and access to the service. I speak to you as a mother to an officer with the rank of captain in the army, and I informed Headquarters that is possible. I’m sure like me, you too look at and examine the future: arrival, purchasing and combining the various routes will buy so promising and trees. “

Alongside the military officials engaged in fundraising, cheerleading practice “sheaf” to raise awareness among the religious. “Beam”, essentially, is a strong and growing society of the State of Israel, and believes in promoting unique groups within Israeli society. Each year helps “” sheaf of thousands of young men and women religious and non-religious, and special needs of all social strata, to serve and to win a ticket equal to civilian life mature into Israeli society.

“The older the Bnei Akiva movement, a former soldier, as a mother, I’m glad to see you here.
Today, “said ceo, IFAT, sheaf” gathered at the beginning of the year, we are coming
And recognize women of Genesis. Several other men, take effect in society. Have left the tent, has changed the face of history. ” Rock noted that “there are various girls who possess different opinions, this is the true beauty of our nation, we build a diverse and interesting and we don’t have to agree on everything.
I joined in time to education and Youth Corps and learned that as Deborah, women took part in the founding of this country. Out of the worldview 2 years service in the army is significant and important, I ו’אלומה ‘ accompanied by hundreds in the recruitment process whether you decide to join or not, we salute.

Head of the “religious”, Captain Alfred, told IDF website that accept this year rose above and beyond. The emphasis this year on fundraising groups, the possibility of enlisting as a group rather than as units. She said, “we’ve opened a lot of new tracks and a lot of special positions demand Greece. The tailoring section way are in fact protected route but they won’t feel that they just know they moved with another girl or two. This commitment of my Department to advise commanders to ensure they receive the appropriate access rights to them.

Translated from Hebrew