Modern Patriot Simulator was stationed in Israel

שיגור טיל פטריוט. צילום ארכיון

Advanced Trainer ה”יהלום (Patriot) system against missiles and hostile aircraft came to school for protection. The-art Simulator will allow the fighters, which work mainly in simulators, training frequency and greater flexibility

תאריך: 18/03/2013, 11:35    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל-האוויר

Training center that will get used ה”פטריוט system fighters” was recently at the southern air defense. The advanced Simulator will allow greater flexibility in the Patriot, which so far was performed within flight simulators in the United States.

“Using our improved our training level, and actually paved the way for diamond system (Patriot) using a device that is designed for that,” explained Captain myale, diamond and ivory and industry training in air defense headquarters. “With coach we restore and investigate in-depth simulations interception, allowing us to learn from practice and lessons.

In the future: joint training of Patriot fighters and pilots

New coach includes ten stations simulate the position and control of the Patriot system. There is also a simulator training position, from which control the different scenarios with the deal. During the training they need to spot enemy targets, to respond quickly and take action against hostile aircraft in the country.

Modern Patriot Simulator was stationed in Israel

The new Simulator used by the Patriot fighters. “We can learn from practice and lessons”

“We expect that in the future coach will also allow connectivity with additional training in systems, such as flight trainers, Lt. Col. Gershon Zlotnik, Chief law and training in air defense headquarters. “This will allow connectivity with other values. You may for instance state in which battlefield and cockpit intercepts diamond
Practice together. Also, in the near future will be broadcasted on air defense also trainer for ‘ system ‘, which is placed at the air defense.

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