More warriors, more and more Cruises: deal with short arm men service

Following a short army service men: dark wing displays unique solutions consider the coping with change

תאריך: 26/07/2015, 19:25    
מחבר: תבל דמרי, זרוע הים

קיצור שירות הגברים

Following short routine: service until July 2017 is expected to rise 20 percent in the number of girls serving as a combat unit. If so far were women.
Only a third of the unit, msfen personnel now directed that half the servants are soldiering on. “The demand for men and women to get to big. Currently anywhere from seven to deal “, said Chief Superintendent locating and recruiting personnel in msfen, Lt.-Col. Michael Becker. Meanwhile, personnel msfen weigh these days even women in combat roles in other arrays.

In addition, the possibility that fighters tested in commanding the ship must keep permanent service of six months ago. So far, Chief in charge of the technological aspects of bee, Deputy Commander of bee and WaSP Commander promotional roles had reached the soldiers while the regular service, and are now required to sign stating to serve them. The purpose of this change is to make these fighters to be professional in their duties, and make actual service area. “To those roles come after nearly two years of compulsory service,” said
Lieutenant Colonel visit. “For the effective utility of these positions would be warriors is very short with short. The signature set to gain professional experience.

In addition, where the sea wing training abbreviated since 2016 by 10 to 20 percent. “By shortening the service, the Warrior will come earlier than the regular service”, explains Lieutenant Colonel visit. “Will that be the combatants on the ground longer than before. There is no intention to harm the level of training, but to optimize it.

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