Motibedit recruits in the combat engineering corps

לוחמי הנדסה בשטח

Corps recruitment November wrote a new record motibedit Soloman for mobilization to increase of 100% over the past five years. Chief Engineering Officer: “we are at the forefront of operational activities.”

תאריך: 28/11/2011, 18:57    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Speakers surrounding the recruitment office in Tel Hashomer base pealing the Corps anthem. The famous motto that it conscientiously, “engineering-first fighter,” echoes between the breakup of recruits from those escorts them to the buses that will take them.
Al haiolle chain. Preliminary issue at the forefront is a source of pride.
“We’re entering hostile territory before the Chai, reciting all the master level combat engineering theory.

But in another area, the fighters lived behind ה”מוהנדסים, the motivation to raise are alive. Over the last five years the investor resources force in encouraging recruitment to reach the premiere in November, raising the held today indicates a otibedit force. On anywhere in the current draft, turned against incumbents of the 1.05 on my preferences questionnaire combat engineering corps a high priority. This represents an increase of 100 percent over the past five years.

Combat Engineering Officer, Brig. Gen. Yossi Morley, recruits and their families, saying that “now you can see how all sectors where fighting the IDF engineering forces converged on the front. Fresh recruits can look forward,
In honor and appreciation of these areas, and to know that they will be there after the training.

“You can see the change in how the recruits to the line”, said Mr. site d.r defensive “and encouraging major draft providing bar-on. “Soloman coming as they and their families know what combat engineering corps, and then when you have less knowledge concerns.
Extensive recruitment activities encouragement comes in the form of both general-professional preparation, business administration
Census families for an explanation about the Corps and of the conferences, and a building a personal relationship between the prospective military factors, either by sending the best birthday greetings, for example.

“We’re also having a procedure of” friend brings friend, which may be requested of creeps to become battalion together with his friend, and deliver the service with a tent in basic training to operational service, “says Captain Breuer. He said much of the activity focused on people who filled the Corps first priority, but in the second and third place.

Among the parents who accompany their children, also רס”ב, Pinedo features an assortment of old Jubilee in engineering that is used as a principal work of צמ”ה company in central command, that surprise us, that’s a force for House. “I drove him to and told
That I should continue to base, but stayed and surprise him with the haiolle, “said Pinedo features an assortment of רס”ב. “Thanks a lot to have exposure among young people, could convince easily my son and two of his friends to join us.

A large percentage of amtgiisim to get to יהל”ם engineering unit for special, exclusive power and importance of the Corps. The diamond, as an elite unit,
There is a significant part in encouraging people to enlist. However, the amount of soldiers arrive.
Her relatively small when you look at total recruits – so many quality prospective find themselves part of the engineering brigades, command and leadership roles.

Translated from Hebrew