My heroes

דובר צה”ל, תא”ל יואב (פולי) מרדכי

Five stories: the IDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley), writes for and controls all men during its service in the IDF.

תאריך: 24/04/2012, 19:02    
מחבר: דובר צה”ל, תא”ל יואב (פולי) מרדכי

The IDF martyrs Memorial Day and victims of hostilities bent State
Salomon head to fall. Day perhaps a rare moment of no-right divisions again smaller
And secular or religious, and we grief family brothers. Between our collective pain as there is also the pain, the loss. The old memory family member or member company to school I btspirth the silence and memories flood raging longing.

During 29 years of service men and bride, people and events that left their imprint on me and shaped my personality. Memorial day I chose five stories falling to accompany me.

My first coping with bereavement came as always when I was least prepared, in 1985 in hot August night and I was a young second lieutenant 51 Regiment. Power of Alpha company was ambushed in Wadi Saluki deep inside Lebanon, suddenly recognized the link power of three, closing stronger heartbeat and thrash the excitement had. Everyone was silent until the Commander shouted “fire” and strike everybody back immediately.

The two bombers were killed, rose immediately storm the third terrorist was seriously injured. In the past succeeded in enabling the terrorist shooting at last bundle which killed corporal Hannan late and Nikica Sparrow I was with the rescue force, more adrenaline flowing blood battle loaded the bodies of those killed and wounded on stretchers and Walkabout that lasted an hour and a half between the Saluki carried them to collect the wounded there awaited us rescue helicopters. I remember to this day the visit of Defense Minister at the time, the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in the company-after encountering a visit visit left an impression on us.

For the second time already had encountered death years later, these were the days of the “Al Aqsa Intifada” in Judea and Samaria, and I served as a commander in Naval Intelligence Unit 504. During the service the unit was introduced to the story of Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edri z l which began in a unit and only thanks to the unique capabilities and determination was able to proceed to the degree of Commander Judah was frequent, once the message
That killed when undercover intelligence operational activities received as operational activities elsewhere and was shock and sensation. Visiting his home and with his wife, Annette, and children were one of the most difficult moments I’ve experienced as Commander. Judah was an outstanding intelligence officer, command and connect.

The second lieutenant was introduced create light 2004 during which served as the headquarters of Gaza coordination and liaison. Create, articulate and ambitious soldier sat in a personal interview as part of the interviews
I was present on a regular basis with soldiers and officers at Headquarters. Create killed when a terrorist suicide bomber came to Headquarters on the pretext that needs humanitarian aid as soon as you create the SATS operates the cargo carried and killed him instantly. The trunk also killed cpl. Andrei kagles, Warrior, Sgt. Vladimir trostinski, and GAL Shapira. I will always remember him as cheerful person sitting in front of a straight interview, confident look.

When you serve in the army and in particular the role of old fighting a personal understanding that life are at risk, and only the home can lower the vigilance in the case of Sgt. Mickey Galin message hit me late on. Mickey was my principal spokesman. He was a soldier as an officer. Articulate, spicy and full of ambition and easily can fill the roles of other officers. Saturday night was a trip back to home entertainment
The car he was in an accident and Micky. The phone woke me up just after midnight and the message was sharp as a knife.

Death in defensive wars facing us is the thing taken into account but on events which our control including the ways it hurts. Mickey’s family is the strongest families I knew very few successful people to not work pain of indentured servitude to him.

The latest falls rather not know personally but I feel like our together time.
. Sgt. Lior Ziv was photographed at the film unit of the IDF spokesperson, when documented activity
Givati forces operational in Rafah in 2003 killed Lior by terrorists when one hand holding a camera and the other carries his personal weapon. Lior’s legacy exists today without getting and understanding that the image of a big importance
Information embedded in the well and in the last year, the IDF spokesperson unit works to establish a company of warriors on the cameras can transfer images from the battlefield to the civil courts clearly bribe than ever. There is no solace to the bereaved family, but I hope that watching his son’s legacy is helping them cope.

Bereavement pain carried all year and no privileges to put aside or at shift please
Else for a moment. But out of all the sorrow and pain, which words cannot describe its size, must remember that we were falling died saving lives, we are commanded to continue to protect the country.

She’s going to comfort their mother of Lieutenant Ephraim Israeli and Israeli Lieutenant David z which fell together during the Yom Kippur war “If no value why give life, so life has no value”. The State of Israel celebrates 64 years of independence anniversary that none of them would take place without those acts alone.

May the memory of the fallen.

Translated from Hebrew