Naval Academy ended 127 cycle; Chief: “we stand with them wherever necessary.”

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Captains course graduates participate in service on various vessels-naval convoy sets to the u. Navy Chief: “if required for war-know to hit the enemy everywhere.”

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מחבר: עידן סונסינו ומתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Tonight (Wed) over 127 cycle of captains in the Navy,
In naval training base. The ceremony took place in the presence of the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres; Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister; Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff; Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg and senior officers of the Navy. During the ceremony the officer pin exposed fresh graduates and awarded them stairs.

Captains course is
The voluntary device class the next Commander of the force, will oversee the advanced craft-missile ships and submarines until the security tool. To the ritual came.
Naval Academy graduates also from 63, 73, 83 and 93, which earlier edit event
And talked with current Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg. “Participating here is part of the naval tradition and strengthen the permanent naval כ’משפחת, specify
Meets with senior adults.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said at the ceremony that “anyone who tries to attack us – pay a price. Assad also know that attacks on Israel
Deadly price. Not the anoshishteorr rage against the burial coffins of children and infants affected by Assad, but military threat forced him to respond to an initiative to disarm chemical The order must be positioned to prevent the presence of chemical weapons by Assad.

At the end of his speech, the President praised the captains course graduates. “Your resourcefulness and courage in order to meet the dangers faced by the State of Israel, even in the depths of the sea and the mrhabio. Let people you trust and know that your shoulders no responsibility now rests on top of it. Thanks to the IDF, Israel safe today than ever, and capable than ever to dawn for peace and confidence with neighbors, “he concluded.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also addressed the situation in Syria. “Not far north of here, are slaughtered every day tens and sometimes hundreds of innocent civilians.
Some were executed with gas – chemical weapons This is a serious crime, a crime against humanity. Now we need to ensure that the Syrian regime is to be disassembled from the chemical weapons and the world should make sure that uses weapons of mass destruction pays a price. The message would take Syria closely.
In Iran, “noted.

Later in his speech, said that “these days might attack more than ever.
The rule that guides me especially women as the Prime Minister and I are very particular – if I I. If we do not who. We have permanent Prime Minister, adding that “the practical application of this rule is that Israel can defend itself and on its own against any threat. This is the basis for our security. “

The Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon (bogey), addressed the challenges facing in these days. “Against the background of the inevitable storms running North and South, these questions are difficult to predict and even more resolution than ever. We do not know what will be the end of the revolution in Egypt and how ibelm the nuclear arms race by Iran; We do not know yet how to run the free world over the massacre in Syria, and we follow the events and developments in the responsibility and discretion, and recognizing that the end of the day we need to trust ourselves,
Strength and deterrence capability, “the Defense Minister stressed, adding” all we know is
We live in a reality where the instability is the only stable, and we have to be sure to continue to steer the ship steady hands and within days of the Orient
High school. Who is like you know. “

Naval Academy ended 127 cycle; Chief: “we stand with them wherever necessary.”

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, praised the choice of graduates to serve in the Navy as a naval officer. “Special thanks for choosing to take yourself and become those who are speaking things strong army, strong, accurate fleet did and the ability of the State of Israel to give an answer for everything it takes,” said Chief. “I would like to express appreciation and thank you-commanders School of training. -Generation of either Navy that could winner, expertly, tactics, utilizing technology, and was
And is to this day an course of lessons learned and their application and use the designation, “added Lieutenant General Gantz and concluded that” We the IDF Navy all-arms stand with them wherever necessary. “

Navy commander (h), RAM Rothberg, addressed the graduates and indicate that you, the youth, you have a service that runs with the latest technologies, which produces and prepares itself for war and battle every day. ” He later said that “you continue our commitment to security in cooperation with the various arms of the IDF and the security forces.” The Navy is entrusted with the security of the State of Israel and the borders. “If required, we manage to strike the enemy everywhere.
-Sea and port, “added Gen. Rothberg. “Around, and over time and place-hop brought the information from during the course. Especially the soaked at values are those that have shaped you to be controls, “said Navy commander

Half-hoblim youth Alumni

Among the graduates are outstanding too the course-Roy, 21 from Rishon Letzion would expose demoted by Navy commander. Kinder swimmer, knowledge has always been the position he aspires to be in, and the captains, so it turns out today was the right place to take advantage of his military service. “I was looking for an interesting and challenging role, and have a great love of the sea,” said Habib, a Deputy of סטי”ל evening assault type 5.

Also lacked the prgonim family, especially in light of the fact that his mother was responsible for underwater equipment for tyre. “The family has supported all along. Also in the early stages as possible see, support and encouragement were big, “said.
Tomorrow morning to be commanding a warship and is already looking forward to start
The role, especially in this challenging period. “Because of all the challenges that stand before us exciting finish this period and controls on vessels travelling on ships offshore. This challenge is not used. The sea is rough scene that affects us all, and we need to harness each other and continue the mission, he explained.

The biggest advantage of the course, the school, is in mutual partnership and bail. “The advanced stage divided into small teams and throughout the period of sailing on the bees. This is the first time that experienced, and bees don’t easily, “said Habib, adding that” we sailed a long time ago, and it was a tough spot for everyone. The beauty of captains is everyone together all the time, especially on the ship, and throughout this time contact. Just support each other. If we didn’t have this connection, I am sure everyone that was officially over.
Otherwise “. The secret to the course cum captains? Easier than you thought. “In the end.
The thing that you take care and give 100 percent. I really wanted the job and it helped a lot, but we gave everything. Ultimately a very demanding and hard but satisfying.

Naval Academy ended 127 cycle; Chief: “we stand with them wherever necessary.”

51% of the course graduates were in youth: the audience and the lead with 16% and 10% of graduates were in the agricultural Union. 3% of them were in the hanoar haoved vehalomed youth and identifies Naval Academy graduates took an active part in the Bnei Akiva movement and sea Scout.
One in ten adults he graduated military preparatory program, and 13% of all adults are graduates of the year. 29% have a particular relationship to the Navy, when 16 percent of adults are at continuing the parents in the Navy and 13% of them continue the way their siblings.
In place of residence distribution-sent 48% live in cities, 23% of them live in communities, 16% live in seats and 13 percent of them live in kibbutzim.

The course lasts two years and five months and includes four stages, including outline level and training trends.

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