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Foot health and fitness month, Givati Brigade officers commence navigating challenging Sprint, along with patrol officers, and the Bedouin Caracal Geddes

תאריך: 07/11/2012, 14:11    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The month in health and fitness, but the Givati Brigade each month is a month. After participating in a race of “Nike”, didn’t stop the Givati Brigade officers. Two days later reported dozens of Sprint navigation Division officers in the Park boingiit location.

The editor for many years of running the League. During the year 16 running are scattered throughout the country, the shktsini Division is committed to achieve at least half of them. Goal: maintaining physical fitness, navigation capabilities, thinking under pressure and raising morale.

Competition among cohorts between levels and competition. Every two or three weeks come from all ranks, officers from the fresh graduates of the 1 to the Division Commander, and participating in the navigation. Officers also patrol the desert Regiment (“Bedouin” Geddes), a “grenade” and Caracal battalion participating in these races because their recruits training in the training base of the Givati Brigade.

Before starting, participants were eager to go run and prove how he navigates the battalion in the regiment. The results will know after the League, at the beginning of next year.

Translated from Hebrew