Navy advancement center operators with learning disabilities in the first

נעמי סיגל, דובר צה”ל

About 13 percent of soldiers who suffer from learning disability and attention deficit disorder.
In the Navy and formed the Center for advancement of learning impaired only, and no other results to come.

תאריך: 28/04/2011, 13:59    
מחבר: נטעאל בנדל, אתר חיל הים

Thirteen percent of the army recruits soldiers every year and set to different back-end units and combat, suffering from a learning disability. Already in the screening process at army troops set up the learning impaired, but such impairment is not admissible as under setting, which makes it difficult for the basic training, which are high-quality soldiers with high motivation but with educational capabilities.

The first.
Picking up the gauntlet and set out to help their troops are in Navy training base, set up a special Center for advancing soldiers with learning disabilities. “One of the greatest minds in the world have reached significant achievements and positions, though with learning disabilities”, says Maj. Merav kovrgero, Director and Academy education. “It’s not like any other job.
Because for me. I’m doing everything so that the soldiers could succeed. I see the soldier in front of me and I ask myself, why Miss it? “

As someone who comes from the world of academia know major Ashok importance knowledge development in the field of education and didactic method to a deficiency. Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the diamond Center in the Faculty of education at the University of Haifa, in a Learning Center about freshness. Even university students arrive and help.

Each year the Centre 60 soldiers suffering from a learning disability. They are discovered by commanders.
“The way to identify the lashes with the soldier is. If the team succeeds but him-there is a specific problem, “States team officer in a course at סטי”לים
Navy. Maximum training her staff insist on confidentiality of names, stories
And the people; The Center’s privacy is important to them. “Recognize and soldier troubled has problems and although he tries he can’t,” adds team leader. “When I see a soldier I punish him helping him. Need to figure out what the problem is and Learning Center received the information.

Holy work.

If the Commander turns to help about soldier grades are meeting major maximum reserve., diagnose learning disabilities, to tell him about the function. After the conversation meeting with the professional soldier, locate
Constraints and gives him learning strategies, and study tips. If the soldier had done in the past, the Centre of didactic use diagnosis in order to get a broader picture.
For the soldier.

One of the partners in the Centre of the reserve study is Ali age, diagnose and didactic degree Dept. at Haifa University. “I came from a few green age”. “I found out that the Navy is another type of action,
Fighting alongside learning “. The soldier suffers from a learning disability have difficulties to many educational training process. In advanced technological forces like the Navy, the problem becomes more significant when the soldier to learn defense and weapons systems. “Come very far from the soldiers, sometimes even those who didn’t finish high school and suddenly expect them to learn,” says Gill.

“Gil gave me tips as to give titles or to refine the soldier in a place not generally material,” says the leader. “he explained to me that if I give a summary of everything myself he will be freed to concentrate in class itself instead of summarizing the lessons. Not come across tips don’t help.

“I see a desire to learn and succeed by the soldiers and the long engagement of staff of command, testifies. “It’s amazing to see how in a few sessions created a process of connection and trust and apprentice trying to apply what you learn.” Major Satish adds: “conversations with soldiers
Cost sensitive things. Body and soul online success is a product of both.
“Right,” agrees. “This Holy work, and they feel they have something to show and succeed.”

The Center
To promote learning and interpret his rule of her training in the course of moving fighters designed to command positions workshops on learning disabilities. In which the commanders were asked to write with your left hand on it to illustrate their feels a difficulty.

As Peck warriors feels different to education?

No “answer is סטי”לים class warriors. “The Navy is technological force. We also warriors-head moves to the soldiers, “he explains. “Soldier.
I’m ready to close with him Saturday to learn. I do everything for him. Didn’t happen that soldiers came across the finish line after hard efforts. To stop in the middle of this waiver.

The Navy advanced fighter and learns about weapons and acquire new knowledge and tools. In the Learning Center are also encouraging leads from soldiers during their service
Have difficulty in their studies.

The model Center for the advancement of learning and the knowledge generated and gathered it takes major meirav kovrgero more in her now hope the impaired learning center at the Navy as the IDF entities adopt the idea.
To become a real revolution: the revolution of learning impaired.

Translated from Hebrew