Navy Chief: Israel’s South Gate will all challenge

Lt. Col. Ilan Mintz replaces Lt. Col. tzvika Shahar in his role as Commander Naval Sea scene. Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg: “significant activity in Israel security arena.”

תאריך: 06/11/2012, 17:43    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Navy officers separated the Lieutenant Zvika dawn, the man who commanded the small but significant scene of sea in the Navy. Lt. Shahar, completing servicing
Two years and eight months in the arena, replacing Lt. Col. Ilan Mintz.

Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg who attended the ceremony, said that “the exchanges in the arena to the security, sovereignty and the maritime assets of the State of Israel. Where
Short and long range alert when event is minimal, the ability to achieve terrorist event needs to be immediate. Do everyday security effort here, and I promise the South Gate of the State of Israel remains safe against any challenge. “

Another referring to Commander Naval security ties and cooperation between the countries adjacent to. “International relations and strategic relationship between Israel and Jordan, especially Egypt, to the core of the ring. We welcome and are pleased to collaborate with the brave their turf, “he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Mintz that Office said that “this challenging arena, with marine and land borders to neighbouring countries during the period. Continue to maintain marine borders and perform each task that required her to provide security for the surrounding communities. Lt. Col. Shahar added outgoing and blessed in my summary on the development scene. “I was glad to discover again and again how to reach new heights, which were expressed in Hummel, advanced projects and infrastructure.

Sea scene is the scene of naval action. The ring is responsible for the area of sovereign waters of the Gulf of Eilat, Israel and meeting area, Egypt, Israel Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Translated from Hebrew