Navy Chief: we will continue to walk proudly through her paved Gen. (Ret.) product

מפקד חיל הים, האלוף רם רוטברג

Gen. RAM Rothberg special breakup fee in General (Ret.) Avraham botzer, Navy commander VIII

תאריך: 03/06/2012, 22:52    
מחבר: האלוף רם רוטברג

Today I say goodbye, champion Abraham (Chita), salt of the Earth, and when the image is interlaced in an inseparable relationship in the story of the establishment of the Navy and of the IDF.
Penetrating sense of mission has volunteered at a young age to the same sense of mission falls is escorting him continuing his bold deals news including the takeover of the Egyptian destroyer Ibrahim Al at Laval, perennials on the takeover of Sharm el Sheikh, command of the operation of the island green and the operation gave Cherbourg.
All his actions expressed in product champion the values of steadfastness, striving for victory, example, determination and love of country.

These values are the values on which the teachers and keep them educated generations of commanders
In the Navy. On behalf of myself and naval commanders and everyone I assure that we continue to walk the path paved.

Translated from Hebrew