Navy commander the following: required to participate fully in combat

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Gen. RAM Rothberg participated in the evening a special heritage Navy project to mark 30 years to score the first Lebanon war. The report gave recognition to the family of Colonel Abraham (Mosley), on the critical part in hostilities

תאריך: 26/06/2012, 09:00    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The Navy mark 30 years for Lebanon war: heritage special evening which was held this week, said that champions for the war, and the Navy’s part in the hostilities. At the seminar attended by Corps exists most naval officers and past commanders who took part in the fighting. Among the participants is also a naval commander at the time, Champ.
(Res.) Ze’ev Almog, the paratroopers, Gen. (Ret.) Yoram Yair, who spoke about the cooperation between the troops and the Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg. At the end of
Today was granted to commanders of the time recognitions of their activities.

Part of the Navy during operation peace for the Galilee, Lebanon war and cooperation with the warring divisions live, is priceless. The relief operation is recorded in history
The IDF from the sea to the Mainland, which included landing troops fire on Lebanon and siege. 40 tools used by the Navy for assistance and landed; 22, 15 ships and submarines, bees available to Gen. (Res.) Ze’ev Almog – the Commander of the Navy.  In remarks this week recalled coral in keeping the force already stamped on the first day of the war.
“On 6 June the Navy already prohibit the entry of terrorists, and do it with zero casualties,” he said.

The current Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg, a previous challenges.
And for those still to come. “We have to do what the previous generation did.
We need to participate fully in combat-keep, cause. The same Beach, same scene. We required commanders to the same image. Although the enemy.
Another technology, but so do we. So what determines that our core values, and when that happens we will be there with all the insights. “

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yoram Yair (Yahya), who commanded the paratroopers brigade, told
On the important cooperation between the naval infantry. “The sample was safely.
The cylinder was cooperation there was never before. The battle brother.
This wisdom, collaboration. Tchopr weakness ahead. “

During the event champion Rothberg award certificate to honor Colonel Abraham (Mosley), who led before the war scene Ashdod and was responsible for preparing and training ships operational landing party 921 Prior to the opening of the first Lebanon war, was appointed by the Commander of the Navy commander of the landing operation. During the war he commanded Colonel Ashur on the landing operations, which were passed in a surprise flanking and daring the Warriors Assembly alive and paratroopers, and additional measures were required only to lachimatm.

The diploma received Colonel Ashur’s family, his daughter osnat, son Amir, and his brother and sister in Mali.

Translated from Hebrew