Navy commander: the fourth submarine base naval arm strength of Israel

מפקד חיל הים, האלוף רם רוטברג. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Gen. RAM Rothberg Germany writes about the launch of the submarine ins nshchell “crocodile is saved and the power of decision at sea.” Exclusive

תאריך: 03/05/2012, 18:20    
מחבר: האלוף רם רוטברג, גרמניה

On 6. 2.1948 wrote in his diary: “David Ben Gurion. There’s still one big space to fill the role with confidence. And it’s even bigger from the Negev, Israel’s greatest land-sea. This is one of the most important parts of the land of Israel, of the Jewish State. You need only two things: ships and sailors. Sea way is vital for security. Without the rule of the Sea become the State of Israel became besieged. “

Members of u.s. Navy and Navy Reserve-ספ”כ commanders, fighters, supporters and civilians of IDF personnel: partners today in one of the most significant chapters in the security for integrity, sovereignty and independence of the State of Israel.

With the launch of another Navy submarine in a unique period in history book the decisive contribution of the Navy component of Israel’s security. Second, submarine in Salon, ins crocodile, is not just a power chpillt that if a clear statement about Israel’s intentions to continue to preserve and refine tirelessly and power.

We believe in the righteousness way and stick to the desire to live here safely and securely to the neighbors. However, our duty to future generations to invest in building power of IDF and Israeli Navy. Only then would stand the test and go with our hands on. So register today a unique chapter in establishing power of Marine Wing of Israel.

And on this special day, we note and remember Ma’am, commanders and fighters who fell defending the motherland and markers in their heritage the way we step safely.

We emphasize our strengths from first in our workforce. For commanders and fighters, conscientious and determined to get to appreciate its culmination of the weapon. Now, more than ever, and more, we have an obligation to lead, all the construction process, absorption and operational maritime power above and below the sea.

Because only together we will be victorious. “

Translated from Hebrew