Navy General in military medicine

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

IDF third Championship military medicine won the Navy, which the air force is the Crown. The division between the divisions was alive ‘ guaranty unit
Golani won also tribute

תאריך: 26/07/2013, 16:00    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Yesterday (Thursday) held the third Championship of the IDF military medicine.
The Championship won, who inherited the Throne from previous champions. Understand the living place Division won first place after showing impressive capabilities. Among the special unit won the ‘ nut unit Golani Brigade.

IDF medical groups Championships to her medical teams from the army and aims to explore professionalism, skill and medical and routine. The competition was attended by 40 medical teams from different infantry divisions, units, headquarters and additional teams of arrays.

Navy General in military medicine

Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac rice, said “it’s a feeling of great strength when standing in front of each medical corps, medical teams that carry on day-to-day alert. The best way to advance in combat medicine is to simulate as much as possible the conditions meet the real situation. Also, shdohrim to want to come and give the first treatment.

The Commander, Colonel Danny mosheiov, referred to the importance for the medical corps and that training of medical personnel in her great pride. We
These devices are the same, and today we see the results of our work. Medical Corps consists of a mosaic of people from all professions and see the power of the force to the fore. The professional level is very high, “he said.

Referring to the medical service if you require help in the fighting, said the training base to the IDF website that “some are goals, competency and professionalism. No
Doubt your eligibility of medical personnel is measured and tested ready cut-outs look different every day. I know there are warriors with a qualified medical personnel and professional, can be relaxed.

But if someone had a doubt, no training period ends with the end of the Championship, and medical teams continue to keep fit the NOC. “We have mechanisms to maintain competency found throughout the year, not just next to the competition. I have no doubt that will be the fourth and fifth year. This competition many resources invested, but rather the spirit and people. And our strength is our people, “said Colonel mosheiov.

Translated from Hebrew