Navy ran dry.

המרוץ באזור נתניה, היום. צילום: חיל הים

Senior officers and soldiers participated in the naval annual race held from Haifa to Ashdod. Navy Commander Gen. Rothberg: “we run together, fighting together, and together we win”

תאריך: 04/09/2012, 15:23    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

This week indicate the week in tribute to the Navy, which culminated in the captains course graduation ceremony concludes this week. The Force Commander, major general RAM Rothberg, opened last night (Monday) naval race, held first from Haifa to Ashdod, for dinner.

In the opening race, the overall length is 110 km, sent Navy ship “Rainbow Warrior” to move the flag of Israel Navy Commander Gen. Rothberg and thus open the race. “It’s our identity. We open the first Navy racers at this place on our shores as Greece coast them. We condemn every day, hour.
We run together, fighting together, and together we will win, “said Gen. Rothberg opening race.

Among the participants in the race also senior Navy officers, captains course cadets and marine fighters from bases. The track is divided into sections and across the length of the beaches
The Haifa to Ashdod, and at the end of each run, the partner education related classes where they are.  As mentioned above, this week to sign naval graduation class of 125, the senior officers of the Navy, which will take place on Wednesday. The ceremony.
Will take place in the presence of Chief, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Gantz () and Commander of the Navy, Aluf RAM Rothberg.

Translated from Hebrew