Near a quiet and charming: the personal story of a soldier with OCD in the IDF

Sgt. avi Fiddler manages the call center Office public enquiries officer, after overcoming OCD phenomenon which was diagnosed. The CAP: “he is running successfully with demanding operations and tens of thousands of references on Center”

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The army is recruiting for an exciting and challenging experience, but there are those that the military framework and integration in rows are not simple tasks of the IDF. Sgt. avi violinist, soldier 21 from Ziona, joined the army despite being diagnosed with an obsessive – compulsive disorder, known as a foreign language “OCD”.

“I joined in November 2010 and did boot from abroad, as Greece have been through psychological treatments before your service,” said Sgt. violinist about early in the disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental disorder or have angst, and it manifests itself in each individual in a particular way. “It’s in your hands, wash re-querying actions after I left the House in a lot of areas,” explained Sgt. “and added that the disturbance may disrupt normal life, and the simplest operations extend beyond the usual”.

Near a quiet and charming: the personal story of a soldier with OCD in the IDF

After identifying himself with medical information on the Internet at the age of 17, violinist before recruitment: the mental health officer in the recruitment. “Set me 64 profile and reassigned me to boot camp in protest, Oak recovered. Today he still defines himself as someone who has a specific background of the disorder, but it has reached the stage where he’s over
On the phenomenon. “I’m over it with care and a lot of work. The progress occurred in my own, “he testified.

During basic training, which lasted three weeks, dealing with violinist not Sgt. soldier is faced with. “Always checked that no cartridge of my weapon, and I checked many times if it is. It was still difficult, but at this point I was in the process of overcoming the issue, “said Sgt. violinist. His commanders were
Aware of the situation, and he completed his basic training as a disciplined soldier. “The commanders were feeling it, and I was a soldier. It never caused conflicts or problems, and the entire frame has been supportive, “he explained.

After graduation he was sent to boot camp: interview with violinist father sort of headquarters officer. “Offered me roles gray
And boring until I also offered at public inquiries officer for care, “said Sgt. violinist. At this point he decided to jump on the opportunity. “There is communication with people in trouble, and that’s something I can connect”, elaborated the reasons that led him to accept the role.

Although the screening officer asked to have another consultation was violinist: that nothing would interfere with his job performance.
“I told him that nothing can disturb me to function on the job, and he finally convinced and sent me on my way in,” Sgt. noted violinist.

Awareness of the phenomenon of OCD is lower among soldiers

In the interview with the Vice began intake Officer (קפ”צית), major came around. “I shared it in fact have OCD and I open
About it, “explained Sgt. violinist. In General, mental health officers in the IDF is aware of the existence of this disorder, but awareness among the soldiers. “I realized she wanted
To accept me but there are also concerns identified, “he recalled. At the moment, in the midst of
The conversation between them, said to her: “I’m not crazy. It doesn’t interfere with my function. Accept me. ” Hence paved the way for service at intake officer.
“Each of us has o.c.d. at a very low level”, said Sgt. violinist.
“It is in everyone’s head, and that’s because the amount of stimuli that we thought of loaders,” he explained.

To the incoming Bureau as the mail sorts the address references a. Slowly moving up the roles – the official CAP, through public inquiries centre required section to call center Manager. “I started to deal with complaints relating to compulsory soldiers, having frequent-to conduct” TOS noted, adding that “we are intermediaries between the public — parents, advocates and others – and the conduct. Every problem can be answered “.

Near a quiet and charming: the personal story of a soldier with OCD in the IDF

The treatment of the references is a thorough treatment, requiring detailed answer to questions that are often very complex. Additionally, sometimes require additional inquiries against military officials such as medical corps or Division personnel. Today, manages the violinist father: the call that the usual treatments. “The immediate references include allegations of ת”ש violations relating to accommodation, for example, controls not always respect medical guidelines and reports of suicidal intentions “concern, described Sgt. violinist what. “A very big responsibility on my shoulders,” testified.

Thus, it is important to emphasize that focus intake officer has no intention to replace the commanders of the troops or to interfere with the decisions of pikodies. “We rely on two important principles and commands — common sense and reasonable. Even when things are not normal, we strive to awaken, to streamline processes, said Sgt.

The CAP: “the record of dramatically affects jesting conversation about work”

In a few months, concludes his military service and begin his career as a full-fledged citizen. “It is important to say that people who deal with these and other difficulties, and I’m proof of that either come from personal backgrounds some consists – can make significant service and even reach co-command, concluded: violinist.

The positive feedback about Sgt. violinist throughout DoD common Cap. “It has significant strengths and internal strengths, which not only brought him to be a better person and better, but dramatically affect on our work,” said the IDF site call intake officer, Lt. Col. Lenny Milo. “Our task is demanding and he runs the call center in the tens of thousands of years in a wide variety of areas,” testified Lieutenant Colonel Milo.

To operate the call center must have a systemic vision, ceremonial communications and personal data with army orders. “You have to be mature in 1
To be able to move these messages and to manage this, “boast said intake officer. She also violinist Sgt. Ehud and troops under his command.
“Everyone is mindful that his decisions and his fairness requests, and he works the way the soldiers understand the value of service,” she added.

As part of his duties, Sgt. avi violinist finds himself initiates and runs commands in front of high level professional bodies. “It really is an extraordinary man, who influenced many things. He didn’t come here easily, but he faced a long way, “said Lieutenant Colonel Milo. “Slowly he learned to believe in himself, and that the value of the army against him,” the coffee talk.

Translated from Hebrew