Nehoshtan took off from flight squadron the same Kim.

משפחת נחושתן בבסיס, היום. צילום: יששכר רואס, חיל האוויר

The Commander of the air force arrived with his family and his last flight after 37 years and nearly 5,000 sorties

תאריך: 11/05/2012, 17:58    
מחבר: אתר חיל-האוויר

Excitement about today (Friday) the Scorpion Squadron “reached major general ido nehushtan, Commander of the air force, the last flight before the command of the Corps to escrow hands of Gen. Amir Eshel. Accompanied by his family, met with friends for nehoshtan, the squadron members and friends – who came to salute him.

Nehoshtan feel at home here, this is his squadron in the news. He was the first headquarters of the lightning and he flew here all these years. The pilot wraps him lovingly and he returns them. Class members, commanders and relatives came to congratulate. His hands constantly in the grandchild, the concepts already. Grandpa reads me bedtime stories, “he says,” and I know from Hercules and the grandfather’s plane. “

Gather for a gala briefing there gets nehoshtan, weather updates, and briefing senior intelligence Corps. He sat in the briefing room before hundreds of sorties but now everything is different. The old course Navigator nehushtan tells us that the course already knew ש”חושחש” (the nickname of the nehushtan class) to be Commander of the IAF. The day is coming
Fly with the same structure.

Go to the simple layout, so said, attacking targets, aerial refueling mission country name protection. Take way over Beit hakerem in Jerusalem, where he was born and raised a Force Commander. On the way religion has been the marks coexist. Nearly 5,000 sorties during 37 years of service in the last time with the suit through the plane. Head equipment and technical base in blue jumpsuits accompanied him to the plane.
And make sure the farewell flight will pass without incident.

In the Tower, his wife Karin, children and grandchildren watching the planes took off.
Karin’s perspective. Noam grandson interested mainly in fire trucks going by. In the air to meet him and Falcon jets and Hawk jets flying RAM aerial refueling.

Just before landing, they pass over the crowd to the sound of applause in structure of lightning Quartet and two Falcons. Nehushtan lands and dropping slowly. On Monday morning, puts the air force flag to Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel and finishes his tour of duty in the IAF.

Translated from Hebrew