“Netzah Yehuda battalion” runners following the fall

נצח יהודה באימון ברמה”ג, בחודש שעבר. צילום: אורי שיפרין, דו”ץ.

After participating in a tiny Pier, completed the race first battalions guiji to memo “netzah Yehuda battalion members. Col. Telem, Cantor: “physical fitness is a professional fighter and Commander

תאריך: 06/01/2013, 13:19    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment “,” don’t let the moment: as soon as the CAG of Kfir
The Golan last week, report the warriors and even battalion commanders in the first jogging laughing stock to fall, which began and ended as a monument to the Division which in Afula.

“I wanted to initiate a unique event, which will combine physical fitness to create an understanding of the importance of shape with the Warriors, along with the winner of two fallen troop told the IDF site” netzah Yehuda battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Telem Cantor. Last Sunday, two days after
The first fool of the Division in the Golan Heights, the battalion fighters commence running lasted just 55 kilometres in different sections, which in part led Meg sporty day finished the Warriors in the Kfir Brigade Memorial in Afula, where he conducted the ceremony in memory of the fallen soldiers, Sgt. Roy Prejean z and z Ron Shawkat profit.

“Personally, I’m very particular about shape, Greece that Regiment fitness is one
Major indexes in the service of a warrior, in addition to shooting and “right down here, said Lieutenant Colonel Cantor,” parameter to enable the warrior to Warrior. When you fight a fighter must be in top shape, and the gym makes more sense to work correctly and wisely and allows to make decisions
In stressful situations “.

“Netzah Yehuda battalion” runners following the fall

The fighters. Photo: Jacob hieub, operational documentation.


The Meg added that even during the last training, the battalion run laughing stock every week, along with different melodies, which received very high scores: “physical fitness is also a professional fighter and Commander, to show itself and which is important and essential thing and causing morale and unit spirit”. Lieutenant Colonel Cantor said this is the first time that the race of this magnitude in the way this type of event and brigades in the IDF, and the event now scheduled to become a tradition in the regiment.

Meanwhile, last week agreed the training Regiment in divisional exercise. The Mag said he was very pleased with the functioning and performance of the battalion in which will performed hiking
Very long and all the will in the form. “The regiment moves to the sea level, and a fighter, with fitness problems or motivation, not retired,” he said, adding that “to me, the Warriors also demonstrated professionalism and spirit. In general throughout the practice, began a week of companies, battalions and exercise at will, the soldiers were impressive, and the entire exercise has improved and strengthened the level of professionalism of the Regiment, and contributed greatly to the design in the future. “

Translated from Hebrew