New 12 Regiment commanders and unit of Golani

טקס חילופי מג”ד 12. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant Colonel Shai Siman-Tov was appointed battalion commander Lt. sz 12 Office as commander unit. Makhoul Golani “look forward and take the next Summit.”

תאריך: 15/07/2012, 14:31    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Last Thursday were replaced by 12 Regiment commanders and guaranty unit of Golani Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Shai Siman-Tov has replaced the role of Lt. Col. UDI Ben-hamo as Meg 12, Lt. Col. s. p. replaced as commander unit.

Majestic 12 Exchange ceremony (“lightning battalion) was held in the presence of the Commander, Brig. Gen. designed Tamir Hayman, Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel ofek buchris, families change commanders and battalion commanders and warriors lightning. Lt. Col. UDI Ben-hamo, the battalion commander, said that “the battalion is the first in Golani, expressing the spirit of the mission, values, operational, brotherhood warriors and modesty. Modesty means preferring the benefit at the mission before ours, because where you need us to be there. “

The battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Siman Tov, said “a decade and a half have passed since confronted this gate as a soldier in the regiment and here I stand on the same basis in order to obtain the command of the regiment. Today, in six years during the second Lebanon War I’m sure together we nclach each task and lead to achievements and summits “.

Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel ofek buchris, concluded and said that “this regiment’s lightning, the oldest Regiment in the oldest Division, bringing you commanders and fighters to be excellent Battalion returned again and again to the hottest sector in the South, longing to get impressive gains. Today, replacing Meg is not just a ceremony marking the start of a new way, but it also needs to look forward and to conquer the peak. I have no doubt that you will Excel and battalion to lead. “

Earlier changes, also a control unit. Only outgoing commander Lt.-Col. s. summarized his tenure by saying that the reality around us is changing before our eyes and took in only the past two years to work in six different sectors from the northern border to Eilat. Last Thursday completed the exercise concluded only intensive training period and important. We must first Commander, but the hatchonies complexity of operational unit counter can be implemented indeed. During the exercise, I felt again the power inherent in the unit which give her thanks to the title commando unit of the land army. “

Unit commander, Lt.-Col. p. said that “standing in this special ceremony am close
Circle opened 16 years ago at the first walked steadfastly in this camp as a young team. This circuit opened to me a magical world-the world of unit. I want to thank mpcadii which gave me confidence and allowed me to lead to the next pitch.

The ceremony concluded the Golani Brigade Commander, said that “the last time we finish is full of years during which action unit, in charge of sat, and charted
The boundaries of the possible and operational activity before a long period seems impossible. The unit is in a new era in which habits and professional values
The tmoaim which accompany it every sector where it is, and I know she finds gold in no one thought him “.

Translated from Hebrew