New alert system competence of physical to go on mission.

דובר צה”ל

The system is attached to the bodies of the warriors and sent to Commander Zion to testify if they are eligible to take a job with the American model of the mouth will build the system has already been tested successfully
U.s. Army • latest blood test also helps in locating that serve their chances to develop
Fragments of high effort

תאריך: 08/01/2008, 15:32    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

The sensor system is to alert fighters ‘ bodies before operational activity on the physical ability of the soldiers participating in the mission. The new system was developed based on a model that has been tested successfully in the u.s. military, and its construction is done these days in Physiology
In the medical corps in cooperation with the u.s. military.

The system will operate noninvasive method and the service impersonates the soldier to perform a task according to the physical condition at the time. The test shall be conducted using sensors will be attached to the body.
The transfer of information on physical condition such as body temperature, fluid balance, breathing and muscle fatigue. Hand system using satellite communication data for a database of medical corps to the Sir score between 0 and 10 on a service mission. A zero means the soldier unfit to perform the job, and ten alerts that do not remove the soldier.

“Battlefield commanders do not know if the soldier is able to perform the task entrusted to him in terms of his health at that time,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Danny be telltale, head.
“The new system will know to respond to it.”

At the same time, developing a blood test that helps detect joins husband likely to break development effort during the service in the medical corps. Amtgiisim 10% of developers broken effort during military service, expected them to bars for back position or released from military service. Now, the new blood test at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, bio-chemical and will allow to predict the risks caused by overexertion orthopedic.

“The bones are destroyed and construction processes, and when enabled them a continuous pressure of destruction than construction and can lead to broken effort,” said Lieutenant Colonel Moran but stressed that the test did not prevent the soldier combat unit recruitment, but allow adjusting ruler by his physical efforts.

By the end of the test development, us medical corps model that suggests soldiers who develop stress fractures. For example, it was discovered that
Tall skinny women and men with a waist circumference and calves less than there is greater risk to suffer from crises. “Now I know about 90 percent of what’s likely to develop crisis effort,” added Lieutenant Colonel Moran. “With the test will increase the chance for some 100 percent.”


Translated from Hebrew