New artillery regiment will improve training for Warriors

אמ”ת battalion, inaugurated this week, will pick up the Warriors in training and will be trained at the school. The training period is dated for eight months from full

תאריך: 05/12/2011, 10:57    
מחבר: שיר פילו, אתר זרוע היבשה

Become artillery regiment new performers: School of applied
Ensures quality training period. אמ”ת battalion, inaugurated the ceremony,
Gets the fighters in training, immediately after basic training.

So far in this chapter was performed within the framework of the various regiments, as soldiers moved to serve under their responsibility, but with the establishment of the new regiment’s training period title gunner in the RAF’s school for eight months.

Chief tothanot school field, Colonel Itzik, explained that the change will increase the quality of training. “The battalion is going to be the responsibility of the school during the training period. This training allowed longer and more irregular, and created a series of eight months, very professional, “he explains.

According to his battalion, Maj. Tom Yellin, “advanced training period was going to split in half, monthly practice/, with the tools, and the professionalism of the fighters. In the following months to go for operational employment in one of the IDF’s combat sectors. “

Major Milne explained that “the important point is that we do it as a Regiment under tothanot school, and it has a huge advantage. So we can put all the added value of
The training. Before the Warriors played in the regiment’s operational activity, but with the new battalion to continue to concentrate on their professional development. The following artillery to be professional level that was hitherto in force.

Translated from Hebrew