New Commander for her 1: Colonel AVI Gil Office

טקס החילופין, שבוע שעבר. צילום: זרוע היבשה

School of record, officers Colonel who served in the past as “cherry”, replacing Colonel Eran NIV

תאריך: 15/07/2013, 17:45    
מחבר: נעם שרעבי, זרוע היבשה

Colonel AVI Gil, who served most recently as the officer commanding the southern agenda including former Commander of the Duvdevan unit (link), was appointed last week.
The Chief School officers in place of Colonel Eran.

The Exchange said the outgoing Commander, Colonel, “spent many years in the school for officers. In, the input 1, courses and over 50 interviewed chose almost 1000 officers and witnessed by more than 15,000 cadets marching on.
I am proud to be a partner, even if for a short period of time, grandest factory called the leadership training in Israel.

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After his remarks, the Colonel gives flag Colonel Mullen, age 1. 1 year ago I got the message about the expected changes to the Commander 1. Since then, over a period
Long Bethpage road, where I spent a fascinating personal journey that take me back to my days as a cadet, and shared control officers school. “These months the huge challenge internalized perpendicular to me, lies in the training of army officers in a generation, which is a central base
In Israeli society, and groundbreaking leaders grow I went to the post in awe, strength, strength is important to Israel and to Israeli society.

After the ceremony, the Commander of GoC army headquarters the two commanders. “The IDF is an army of high-quality
And renew and powerful, but above all these the real advantage lies not in military capabilities, but the quality of his fame, “said the champion. “Here come out generations of commanders and headquarters, deserve to stand on protecting the security of Israel. Leadership is not just reading ‘ me ‘ on the battlefield but also as reflected in education, responsibility and understanding of and contribution to all “.

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