New Commander for the arms of spatial unit southern command

האלוף ומפקד יחש”ם החדש. צילום: מיקה אלטר, אט”ל

Colonel Solomon oak Office as Commander of the unit. Southern Command Chief, Gen. 9: the unit will continue to contribute to the raising of limescale establishes their capability of units operating in sector. “

תאריך: 25/06/2013, 13:55    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Colonel Alon Solomon entered last week (Wednesday) for his role as Commander of the arms unit of spatial southern command, in a ceremony held in the presence of Commander Southern command, Aluf Sami turjeman. Colonel Shlomo replaces the life his Colonel Azoulay, soon to come into his role as head of maintenance.

Cent to champion the only activity and said that it “operates in a professional manner, and proved itself during operation ‘ pillar ‘. I believe that she will continue the military buildup
And elevation as limescale establishes their capability of units operating in the sector look and emergency.

“During my time in the aerobic dance led people to change,” said Colonel azulai, “led many efficiency process, when I look at the WAC’s only non-aerobic dance acts but also think. In as many new tools propose, and acted to make the workplace environment
Modern. Its adaptation for emergency preparedness, the Unit carried out their mission.
Successfully during operation ‘ pillar ‘.

In conversation with אט”ל letter, indicate the main armament officer, Brig. Gen. Zvika Kraus the change
In aerobic dance. “You can see the power generated here through the eyes of the people. The outgoing Commander of the unit that works together and aerobic dance, per unit
That takes care of its people and soldiers and only concerned about the environment. ” He said, “to support the look with an emphasis on schools and training centers, and work to get the best emergency preparedness.”

Translated from Hebrew