New Commander for the Druze battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Raafat dairy Office instead Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Abu fares, which ends two years of command of “sword” in the northern sectors

תאריך: 01/09/2013, 18:29    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Exchanges in the Druze Regiment last week held a ritual exchange of the sword battalion. After years of challenging Israel’s northern border, finishes his Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Abu fares and instead enter Col. Raafat role.

The ceremony was attended by Commander of the 91st Division, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Halevi, Commander of the Brigade, Colonel specifies, the battalion commanders and warriors. In his speech, said Lieutenant Colonel Abu fares, you
His time in Office and addressed the challenges facing the troops.

“We agreed a two-year period to protect the northern border of the State of Israel, a complex and challenging period which included many changes and developments that have left us more and more questions about what the future holds for us. Despite the complexity, sword battalion fighters continue to defend successfully and firmly on Israel’s border with Lebanon. For replacement, said Lt. Col. Milky clinic Mag coming out, “I trust that he will take the battalion to greater heights. I hope that the Census will add to these views and a sense of security and civilian visitors. “

The year is 40 years army during the Yom Kippur war, fighters and also a sword battalion commanders 40 years. During their service have fallen nearly 400 Druze spaces on land protection, some have served in the regiment. The conclusion referred to Lt.
Abu fares to the bereaved families who accompanied the services. “I would like to thank the bereaved families. Remember noplia sword family which took its path.
We human beings, when we first came we always have strengthened. Families, white male.
Continue through life.

Translated from Hebrew